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How to Have a Yoga Retreat on a Budget

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How to Have a Yoga Retreat on a Budget

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages from western countries. That’s a reason why a lot of folks look for a yoga retreat to spend holidays or even only a weekend. The price of many of these retreats can be shocking; but don’t worry, there are a lot of affordable yoga retreats out there waiting for you.

Yoga Retreat Budget

The busy life most of us have makes us long for something that can help us unwind mentally and at the same time, be physically active. Strength or cardio training in the gym or running does a lot in terms of physical activity.

However, people say that the psychological effects of such workouts are there but are short term in most cases. Therefore, a growing number of people are looking for a refuge from daily chaos. There come to play some of the well-known disciplines that come from the East. Yoga is the most popular one nowadays. Of course, it is entirely possible to do yoga at home following the instruction from YouTube videos or best yoga DVD.

Nevertheless, we can pretty much be attracted by the idea of going to a yoga retreat. The thought of practicing with other people, having a teacher of our choice, changing the environment are just some of the reasons why we feel drawn to the idea. But then when we begin our investigation to find the best yoga retreats in 2019, the super high costs of some offers can really shock us.

We are here to deliver some good news. We want to tell you that going to a yoga retreat doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be broke afterward. We did a little research and discovered that there is something for all yogis regardless of where are you living and how deep or not your pockets are.

What we noticed also is that because travel tickets can be quite pricy lots of people are have searched for affordable yoga retreats near them. This is not always easy to find because there aren’t so many cheap yoga retreats but it is not impossible. We assure you that by the end of this text you will find the one that you will find one that will suit you most. Let’s check out what we discovered about affordable yoga retreats in USA/Europe.

Check and Plan Your Budget.

Once you decided that you really need to find a yoga retreat, don’t try to figure out whether you have enough money for a particular one. Instead, start by recognizing how much money you can afford to set aside for a trip like this one.

You shouldn’t be in the situation to use all of year’s savings to go on a trip even if its super beneficial for your body and soul. Don’t worry about the money in advance. The most important thing is that you plan it well and start from there. If you realize that you need a bit extra cash, then you can see where you can save a bit more and put aside for this trip.

How to Budget for a Yoga Retreat

Consider Outdoors

Whether you like a mountain or the seaside, there are charming cheap yoga retreats to accommodate your wishes. If you are looking for a lot of planned activities, they usually cost more. It is because the leader needs to consider all of the additional costs that are necessary to cover the expenses.

Choosing places that provide you with free outdoor activities is a fantastic option because it decreases the price of the retreat significantly. There you can organize your free time in a way that suits you most. You can go swimming or hiking and connect with yourself and the nature around you without any extra cost. If something like this sounds interesting to you, check out the yoga retreat in Algarve, Portugal. Besides daily yoga, in your free time, you can try other things, such as surfing classes.

Budget Friendly Yoga Retreat Destinations

Think About Destination.

This is something that needs to be thought through carefully. Indeed, you heard some of the yogis talking about beautiful retreats in Thailand. We understand that you get a desire to go there but keep in mind that distant or hard to reach places are always more expensive.

If you want to go to Asia, why not consider cheap yoga retreats in Indonesia or Sri Lanka for example. It is essential to know that in the USA there are much less expensive retreats in New York and Texas, then, for example, in California.

Think About the Teacher.

Sometimes the price of a program can depend on the teacher. What we mean is that teachers who are very well known charge a lot. But, they are usually overpriced because of fame. There isn’t anything that speaks against the fact that other non-famous teachers aren’t as good as these.

Offer to Help

Yoga retreats in 2019 and yoga retreats in 2020 that we have discovered are happy if you offer to get involved in daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, and so on. Teachers generally include food in their program – at least breakfast and dinner, and it’s super cool if participants do offer to help in preparing the meals. Keep in mind also that food is mainly vegan and vegetarian often because of the philosophy of yoga but also because it is cheaper.


Find a Combo.

If you are going to a yoga retreat for the first time, it can be too much to do all practices every day. Some resorts offer a combination of yoga plus another activity. There are options to learn a new language, or attend cooking classes or learn to surf. This is usually counted as two in one trip plus one of these offers comes with a discount.


Logically, the longer the retreat lasts, the higher the cost will be. If you are on a tight budget, maybe it is better to plan to visit a yoga retreat that lasts a shorter time.

Find Affordable Accommodation

There is a variety of accommodations when you go to a yoga retreat. Of course, they are offering accommodation as well, but if that is too pricy for that, you can contact the teacher and see what the best option for you is. If you are coming with a friend or partner, of course, you can be in one room and then the cost will be lower.

However, if you are single, it can be complicated because you naturally don’t want to share the place with someone you’ve never seen before. But then, you can check out BookRetreats, which is something like Airbnb for yogis. If you opt for something like this, then it means that you are just coming for a yoga program and meals, but the rest of the time you can do something else. This can be way cheaper than accommodation within the retreat, but it can separate you from the group and make you feel lonely.


Here we are at the end of our yoga retreat 2019 journey. As you can see, it is not so difficult to find a yoga retreat that can accommodate any budget. We hope that you enjoyed reading and that information we provided will help you in finding your ideal yoga place.

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