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7 Medicinal Remedies You Can Create With Marijuana

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 7 Medicinal Remedies You Can Create With Marijuana

With the legalization of marijuana by countries across the globe, the market for cannabis products is also expanding exponentially. Marijuana, whose use was solely recreation, is now helping people fight their battle against diseases and chronic pains. The medicinal properties of this plant are a gift to humanity, curing people for ages.

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There are a plethora of ways to use medicinal marijuana, owing to its healing properties. It contains cannabinoids or CBD, which can provide instant relief from discomfort. In case you have surplus marijuana lying around, here are a few remedies for you to try out:

Medicinal Oil

Millions of people suffer each day from chronic pain. They have found an effective treatment for it in medicinal marijuana. Although marijuana is not strong enough to treat severe pain, it can take care of chronic pain that plagues people as they age.

Medicinal Oil contains a concentrate of marijuana resin, which is highly effective in relieving pains and inflammations. The high amount of CBD activates the CB2 receptors in the body, which then regulates the pain and inflammation.

How to make it

Use high-quality strains like Indica, dip around 20 buds for 10 minutes in ethanol. After they completely dissolve, strain them and leave it to dry for five days.

The alcohol will evaporate, and you will get a high-quality pure extract. Mix it with vegetable oil, which is 20 times its weight, and stir it constantly.

Analgesic Cream

If you are someone that has frequent muscle or joint pain, then a homemade analgesic cream can be a god-sent help for you. Made with strains rich in CBD, this cream has a ‘burning effect’ and can instantly relax your muscles or reduce cartilage discomfort.

How to make it

Mix a liter of hot water with half a liter of oil, and leave 20 expendable buds into this mixture for 2-3 hours. After that, strain the mixture and then let it solidify by freezing.

The water will separate from the oil,  and solidified oil will be left in the end. Boil it with 50 grams (3 Tablespoons + 1 teaspoon) of beeswax until it takes a consistent and creamy texture.

Homemade Pot Soap

Often, we are left with the least unattractive buds or leaves, which ideally have no significant use. Well, it will come as a pleasant shock to you that you can make use of them.

You can make soap with these leaves, which contains high levels of Vitamin E. It will keep you away from dirt, allergies, and infections. Using it a few times, your skin will become hydrated and smooth.

How to make it

Heat 5 kilos cocoa butter in a pan at 35 degrees. Simultaneously, take another pan and dissolve 670 grams of lye.

Mix both the solutions for two hours, adding 670 g of oat flour, 50 ml of marijuana oil, and 25 g of hemp flour while stirring it. Pour the mixture into a mold and let it cool off for a day. Cut it into small blocks, and you have your natural pot soap ready.

Dressing for Wounds

According to the European pharmacological tradition, marijuana poultices and bandages were a popular way to treat people.

For many centuries people are using it to treat burns, rashes, and cure severe pain. Indica and Rudelaris strain can be used for this, which are high in CBD and can provide instant relief.

How to make it

Place a few buds and leaves and squeeze them into a damp and hot cotton cloth. The plant must be towards the back of the dressing so that you can apply it to the area you wish to treat.

Root Tea:

The roots of the marijuana plant contain cannabinoids, especially CBD, can treat our bodies from within. Chinese medics are giving it as a diuretic to cure asthma, respiratory problems, menstrual pain, hemorrhages, and even to alleviate pain from surgery of internal organs.

How to make it

Take the clean roots of marijuana, cut them and then grind them to form a powdery consistency. After it is completely dry, boil a small portion of it in a liter of water, as you do for normal tea. Here, your root tea is ready, but keep in mind to consume it occasionally only to treat specific ailments.

While brewing root tea, make sure the plants are free of chemical fertilizers. You will need some healthy roots which you can get from any of the online dispensaries.


Another effective way to put your surplus marijuana to use is by making edibles from it. If you are too conscious about vaping or inhaling it, having it in the form of cookies and brownies can be best for you. The delicious treats can be an easy way to get long-lasting relief, and you can also keep a tab on the dosage of CBD.

How to make it

To make brownies, you will need pot butter or weed butter. It is easy to make, but if you are too lazy for that, it is available online at mail order marijuana sites.

Mix flour, salt, cocoa powder, and baking powder in a bowl. Melt butter in another pan and add vanilla and sugar into it.

Mix this solution with the dry ingredients. Add eggs and beat this mixture until it is consistent. Pour the mixture in a baking pan and your delicious treats are ready within 30 minutes.

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Pain relief balm

For the patients suffering from migraine, when nothing else seems to work, a CBD pain relief balm can do wonders. It is the easiest way to use residual marijuana and cure the throbbing headaches.

How to make it

Take 1 ½ cup of coconut oil and 1/3 cup of olive oil, and heat them in a pan. Add 7-10 grams of dried cannabis into the coconut oil and stir continuously. Keep the flame on low and stir for 25 minutes. After that, pour this mixture in a jar.

In a pan, add 1/3 cup of beeswax and heat until it melts. After that, slowly add the infused coconut oil to it. Then add 20 drops each of lavender, tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus oil to this mixture and your pain relief balm is ready.

Since centuries, marijuana has helped people to recover and alleviate chronic pains. If you have some surplus marijuana lying around, use these remedies to put it to some good use.

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