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Quit Smoking with Essential Oils

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Smoking is an expensive, health-consuming habit that can be hard to break. Here is a simple way to quit smoking with essential oils that actually works.

How to Quit Smoking with Essential Oils

Mix equal parts of lemon Essential Oil, black pepper essential Oil, and eucalyptus essential oil.

Do NOT use fragrance oils, they are NOT the same thing.

Whenever you have the urge to smoke, apply oil to skin under the nose (in a carrier oil) or to a cotton ball (neat) and inhale with several deep breaths, and the urge to smoke will quickly dissipate.

How Much is “Equal Parts”

Unsure what equal parts mean? It means that you apply the same (equal) amount of each oil, so if you want a single dose apply 2 drops of each oil to a cotton ball. If you want to mix a larger amount to have it made ahead, combine 5mL of EACH oil into a 15mL bottle.

Then use a couple of drops as needed.

This is a simple, yet effective remedy.

You can get the essential oils via the links above on Amazon or at a natural food store.


Where to Purchase Essential Oils

lemon Essential Oil
black pepper essential Oil
eucalyptus essential oil

Alternative Recipe:
Combine equal amounts of Black Pepper Essential Oil & Angelica Essential Oil to a cotton ball and inhale gently when the urge to smoke overtakes you. In case you are wondering whether this has been tested, it has. The efficacy of this treatment has been proven to reduce the level of nicotine craving and delay the desire for tobacco.

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Prevention Magazine– Using Essential Oils to Quit Smoking

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  1. As with any behavioural change, first and foremost you have to want to quit. Sniffing essential oils is not magicaly going to make you stop smoking. It is a way to dull the cravings, to assit you in your quitting.


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