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Toothache Relief – The best Essential Oils for Toothache

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Having a toothache can be absolutely miserable, particularly if you can’t afford the often expensive dental care to remedy it. Here’s a simple do it yourself remedy for minor toothache pain that you can do at home . . .

There are many home remedies for a toothache that involve things salt water rinses, or warm milk gargles, but these methods aren’t very effective when it comes to instant pain relief like using essential oils is.

Essential oils are natural extracts found within plants and trees that offer medicinal benefits without some of the harmful side effects associated with synthetic medications. Many people use them in place of over-the-counter drugs because they’re more affordable and do not cause drowsiness or other unwanted side effects.

Toothache Relief

You’ll Need:
1/4 c. vodka
1/2 c. water
1/4 t honey
6 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil
12 drops Clove Essential Oil

Measure all the ingredients into a glass container such as a mason jar, seal and shake well to completely combine.

Use 2 tablespoons of the mixture like a mouthwash, swish for 45 seconds and do not swallow.

For essential oils we choose to use Young Living Oils as they are pure oils and not adulterated with various fillers. These are the only oils I will personally use internally as they contain a dietary supplement label.



If the toothache is limited to one small area you can apply several drops of clove oil to a cotton ball and place it directly on the affected tooth. This relieves pain almost instantly.

Another helpful remedy for tooth pain is to use a moist heat, like a heated compress or a bag of frozen vegetables that has been warmed. This should only be used if you are positive you don’t have an infection, as the heat can cause bacteria to rapidly multiply.

The Best Way to Sleep with a Toothache

A toothache is one of the most painful experiences you can have. It’s even worse when it occurs at night, because then you’re stuck with a throbbing ache in your jaw while trying to sleep.

If you’ve ever had a toothache, there’s nothing more frustrating than being forced to lay awake all night long due to pain! Here are some easy tips that should help ease the pain and allow for some much needed rest . .

The main reason toothaches are more agonizing at night is because of our sleeping position. Laying down increases the pressure on your head due to a rush of blood flow, which can exacerbate a sensitive tooth. We don’t feel the ache as much during the day because we’re mostly standing or sitting.

The best way to sleep when you have a toothache is to ensure your head and shoulders are slightly elevated. You can do so by sleeping on several pillows. The elevation helps to provide better circulation and reduce swelling.

best way to sleep with toothache

How to Make a Heated Compress for Toothache Relief

This is sort of a trick question/trick answer because you should almost never apply a heated compress to your jaw for a toothache. If you have the misfortune of being afflicted with an infection along with that toothache, the heat can create additional swelling, which in turn will cause more pain.

Instead, apply a cold compress, such as a bag of frozen vegetables that has been wrapped in a clean hand towel. Wrapping the bag will help protect your skin from the cold.
homemade toothache compress

Toothache while Pregnant What Can I Take?

My best advice for relief from toothache while pregnant is to use a mouthwash or an essential oil for oral health problems if possible like clove oil in your dental rinse cup.

    It’s possible to lessen toothache discomfort significantly by applying garlic directly to the area causing your pain. Garlic has been known as a natural antibiotic since it contains allicin, which kills bacteria around infected areas without causing any side effects.

  1. Clove: Clove oil is a natural antiseptic that contains eugenol which can help treat gingivitis when used regularly; it also helps kill off any infection causing bacteria and may help relieve pain as well.

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5 thoughts on “Toothache Relief – The best Essential Oils for Toothache”

  1. q:
    what is the purpose of the vodka?
    what does it do?
    it can’t be for taste, because vodka usually has no taste….

    • Q:
      what is the purpose of the vodka?
      what does it do?
      it can’t be for taste, because vodka usually has no taste….

      Thinking the vodka is used to kill the bacteria?

      I usually will take a small cloth and soak it with Listerine and place on the affected area.
      Leave it there especially for really bad toothaches at night to help me rest at night.

  2. i think the vodka is a carrier that preserves the solution. Listerine uses large amounts of alcohol for that purpose. I am a dental hygienist and I will tell you that oil of clove is used to combat infection.

    However if you have a chronic infection you should see a dentist, this rinse may minimize pain and inflammation for minor problems but chronic and acute infections should be dealt with by a medical professional. They are nothing to mess with. Even in modern times a tooth or gum infection can cause serious health risks


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