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Effective Wart Remedy

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Warts can be an unsightly issue that never seem to go away. Many of our members have reported substantial success in removing warts at home without harsh chemicals, freezing or over the counter remedies. Here are 2 of the most often submitted natural remedies . . .

Apple Cider Vinegar: This remedy has been submitted more than 80x’s by members in the past decade, swearing to it’s effectiveness in wart removal. Just prior to bedtime, coat the skin surrounding the wart with a thin coating of vaseline. (This coating is to protect the surrounding area while the ACV does it’s magic). Next, soak a cottonball liberally in Apple Cider Vinegar and place it directly over the wart, covering the entire wart. Wrap in waterproof medical tape. Remove in the morning. Repeat daily until wart is gone. After 3-5 days you will see that the wart is shrinking and becoming red. The wart will be gone within 7 -10 days. (One member reported that she had a Very Large wart and it took 16 days for it to “Fall off”.

Vitamin C:Simply crush several tablets, mix with a tiny bit of water to create a “paste” and apply liberally to the wart twice daily.

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