MYO Instant Sunburn Soother

myo instant sunburn soother
MYO Instant Sunburn Soother

Spring break leave you with an Extra Warm feeling this year? Here’s how to make your own inexpensive simple sunburn soother in seconds . . .
To create your own instant sunburn soothing solution, dilute 20 drops of lavender essential oilin a 1/2 cup of water, apply liberally with a mister.

Do NOT substitute “Fragrance Oil” for lavender essential oil.

Be aware that while you CAN purchase “cheaper” brands of essential oil, you are likely getting Lavandin, which is NOT REAL Lavender essential oil, but perfectly legal for them to call it 100% real essential oil.

Lavandin does NOT contain burn healing properties, also lavandin has 12% more camphor which makes it even less suitable for use on burns.

Be sure to use TRUE 100% Therapeutic-grade Lavender, also known as Lavandula Autustifolia for use on burns.

Alternatively, you can add 20 drops of lavender Essential oil in 1/2 c. Pure Aloe Vera Juice and apply liberally.

If the sunburn is really bad, you can try this simple sunburn remedyor this easy homemade sunburn lotion.

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