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Eucalyptus detox bath for Congestion Relief

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This simple relaxing eucalyptus detox bath recipe works great for relieving sinus congestion while also relieving body aches and pains brought on by colds and flu.

Eucalyptus Detox Bath Ingredients

Eucalyptus Essential oil is a colorless liquid that is extracted from the leaves of Eucalyptus and has traditionally been used for body pain, fever, aches, sinus congestion, colds, treatment of flu and more. It is reported that as early as the 1880’s surgeons used Eucalyptus oil as an antiseptic.
Epsom salts are essentially magnesium sulfate crystals. The minerals contained in Epsom salts draw out harmful toxins and help balance the body. It is believed that prolonged soaking increases blood magnesium concentrations, known as transdermal magnesium, which relieves pain.

Increased magnesium alleviates inflammation, reducing pain and symptoms of arthritis as well.

Congestion Relief Detox Bath

You’ll Need:

In a small bowl, combine the ingredients and allow them to combine while you draw a warm bath (as hot as comfortable for you). Pour the mixture into your warm/hot bath water, swish them around and soak for 30-60 minutes. It is recommended to drink a full glass of water during or after the bath.

The eucalyptus works well to help relieve sinus congestion.


If you have heart issues, high blood pressure or are diabetic, it is generally not recommended to take Hot baths. Keep the water warm, limit the bath to fewer than 20 minutes and avoid overheating.

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