Cooling the Summer Heat when you’ve got a Sunburn!

The dog days of summer have arrived and you’ve had your fun in the sun, but are you paying for it now?
Recently after spending a long day mowing a couple acres, shirtless, soaking up the sunshine, a friend of mine discovered the not so fun part of summer, sunburn. . .


Here are some tips to take out the heat:
1. Apply a solution of 2. Vinegar and 1 c. water- mixed in a spray bottle.

2. Strong Iced Tea (made from infused teabags, no sugar please!)

3. Witch Hazel

4. Apply a paste of baking soda and water, allow to set.

MYO Soothing Sunburn “Lotion”

* 1 c. White Vinegar
* 5 T. Salt
* 5 T. Plain Yogurt
* 2 T. Aloe Gel

Combine until well blended, store in fridge. To use, shake well and then smooth over affected areas.

2nd: Sun Burn Lotion Recipe

* 1 c. non-medicated hypoallergenic lotion
* 5 drops clove essential oil (don’t increase the amount, it will cause irritation)
* 5 drops peppermint essential oil (don’t increase the amount, it will cause irritation)
* 2-4 teaspoons powdered Comfrey Root (or more if desired)
* 2-4 tablespoons Aloe Vera gel (or more if desired)

Mix together thoroughly in a bowl. Chill, for an even better cooling effect.

MYO Soothing Sunburn Mist

* 2 oz water
* 9 drops of lavender
* 2 drops of peppermint
* 1 drop of spearmint

Combine all in a small travel sized spritz bottle, to use spritz generously on affected area.

Cucumber Sunburn Lotion

* 1 cucumber – chopped
* 1/4 cup Glycerin
* 1/4 cup Rose-water

Combine all in blender, strain through cheesecloth & apply.

Sunburn Soothing Bath

* 2-4 cups *Colloidal oatmeal
* 1/2 to 1 cup baking soda
* 1-2 cups powdered Chamomile flowers

Combine all ingredients in a square of cheesecloth (or a clean nylon stocking) Tie off to faucet as tub is filling.

Caution: If you experience chills, fever, blisters or rash, you may have sun poisoning. Contact a Physician!

Various Natural-Home Made Remedies Submitted by our Readers:
1. Apply undiluted apple cider vinegar to sunburn.

2. Mix 10 ounces Non-fat Dry Milk, 2 tablespoons salt and 25 ounces water. Saturate cloth and apply to sunburn 20 minutes.

3. Use Aloe plant, or pure aloe vera gel.

4. If the burn has blistered, slices of red onions (taken directly from the fridge) will pull out the burn and pain. Slice the onion and apply large rounds directly to the blisters. (Lay them on like a poultice)

5. Apply thin slices of cold cucumbers or potato directly to the skin.

6. Apply cold, plain yogurt, then rinse with cool water.

7. For Eyelid burns, Apply cold, used tea bags to closed eyelids to relieve pain and swelling.

What’s YOUR Favorite remedy when you’ve accidentally gotten sunburned?

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  1. i just use vinegar, apple cider works better, and a cotton ball or pour the vinegar in a tub of tepid water and lay in it. it takes the fire out, turns brown quicker and prevents peeling.


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