Harry Potter Birthday Ideas

Recreate the magic of Hogwarts Castle and enchant your child’s birthday party with these easy Harry Potter ideas including party favors, decor and more.

I made up 4 different colors of Kool-Aide and put them in canning jars. I purchased three different kinds of pop-rocks (They are hard to find, but I got them from Oriental Trading). The kids were able to mix their own “potions”, by choosing the drink, then putting the pop-rocks in them. They thought that was cool!

We made wands by using 1/2″ fish tank tubing. I bought 12″ piece for each child. We put a piece of non-drying craft clay in and over one end. Since all wands have a “core” we put in colored and metallic chenille stems (pipe cleaners). Then we poured in a small amount of star shaped glitter and sealed the other with with more clay.

I found a picture of a large castle on the internet and had my local copy shop print it out on edible paper that is made out of cornstarch. It is made for using on cakes. We just made a rectangular cake and put the picture of the castle on top.

I also bought some castle shaped sand bottles from Oriental Trading and the kids used pixie sticks to make candy sand art in their castles.
The kids really had a great time!

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