MYO Jelly Slugs

b101 jelly slugs recipe
MYO Jelly Slugs

Ahh.. that moment when Draco calls Hermione a “MudBlood” and Ron jumps to her defense, only to have it backfire on him, with him choking up giant slugs! What a great time to scarf down a few jelly slugs.


MYO Jelly Slugs

unflavored gelatin
2/3 cup of juice
mixing bowl and spoon
jumbo milkshake drinking straws
square cake pan
“Professor” (adult)

Casting the Spell

Ask the Professor to boil the juice.
Pour one packet of unflavored gelatin into a cake pan. Ask the Professor to add the boiling juice. Stir until the gelatin is dissolved.
Sink straws into the mixture so they will fill up with the gelatin.

Place jars on top of the straws if the straws float. Refrigerate until firm (approximately 4 hours).

Place the chilled straws on a cutting board, and using a rolling pin, gently push and squish the worms out of the straws.

The Science Behind the Spell:

The worms are colloids too. A colloid is when you evenly distribute bits of one substance through another.

Other examples of colloids are:
Gels — liquid floating in a solid. Gelatin floats water droplets in a protein.
Aerosols — liquid floating in a gas. Fog floats water droplets in the air.
Foams — gas floating in a liquid. Whipped cream floats gas in cream.


If you don’t want to use straws, you can drop the gelly liquid in strips onto wax paper and refrigerate until firm. You’ll need to let it set up for a few minutes before it will hold shape dropping it onto the wax paper.

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