Flipendo Lumos Spell

Flipendo Lumos Spell
an empty salt box
Professor (Adult)

Casting the Spell

Ask the Professor to light the candle.
Remove the metal pour spout from the salt box.
Hold the box about 8 inches away from the flame and point the opening toward the flame.
Thump the end of the box with your finger. You may need to change the angle of the box. It may take a few tries to have the flame go out.

The Science Behind the Spell:

Sound waves, like light waves, move in a straight line.
Sound waves, like light waves, are either reflected or absorbed when they hit an object.
Sound waves can make an object they hit vibrate. Sometimes, the sound waves go in all directions when they strike an object.
The sound caused the air in the box to move. The moving air blew out the candle.

Microwaves are short, high frequency radio waves. When the microwaves come in contact with an object, they make it vibrate. Inside a microwave oven, microwaves cause the molecules of food to hit each other which causes heat. So, microwaves cook food through vibrations!

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