Harry Potter » Aparecium- Disappearing Ink Spell

Aparecium- Disappearing Ink Spell

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Aparecium- Disappearing Ink Spell
white paper
lemon or onion juice
desk lamp

Casting the Spell

Dip the Q-tip into the juice and write your message on the paper.
Let the paper dry completely.
Remove the lamp shade.

Carefully place the paper over the hot light bulb and watch your message magically appear.

**Special Note: Do not let the paper get too close to the light bulb. You don’t want your secret message to go up in flames!**
The Science Behind the Spell:
The acids in the lemon or onion juice will turn black when they are heated.
Prisoners of war used this method to sneak out messages. They used their own sweat or saliva as ink!

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