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Dragon Egg Jar Charm

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Dragon Egg Jar Charm
Dragon egg (or if you can’t find fresh dragon eggs, a chicken or Goose egg)
jar (mouth of the jar slightly smaller than the egg)
hot pads or mitts

Casting the Spell
Put water in saucepan. Place egg in saucepan. Hard boil egg on stove. Allow egg to cool.
Once egg has cooled, remove shell.
Turn on the hot water faucet and let it run until the water gets hot. (Water must be very hot.)
Fill the jar with hot water, carefully. Let the water sit in the jar for 3 – 4 minutes.
Pour out the hot water — in order to avoid the wrath of the Professor– pour water into the sink.
Place the egg on top of the jar. (Chant: Big bop, big drop; Big bop, big slop!)
Watch. The egg will quickly be sucked into the jar.

The Science Behind the Spell:

Hot air takes up more space than cool air. The air inside the jar was hot.
When the egg was placed on top of the jug it kept any outside air from getting into the jug.

As the air inside the jug cooled, it took up less space. The pressure dropped. There was greater air pressure pushing down on the egg than pushing against it.

The outside air forced the egg to be sucked into the jar.
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