Harry Potter » Plasticize it “Jelly Jinx”

Plasticize it “Jelly Jinx”

Plasticize it “Jelly Jinx”

food coloring
cauldron (pot)
food coloring
measuring cup
wooden spoon
oven mitts
Parent Wizard

Casting the Spell
Pour 1/2 cup of milk into the cauldron.
Add a few drops of your favorite food coloring.
Use your oven mitts to hold onto the handle of your cauldron.
Stir the milk as you bring your milk to a boil. (You will see the milk bubble as it boils).
When the milk boils, slowly stir in 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Keep stirring.
Within a few seconds, the mixture will become hard and rubbery.
Let the rubbery glob cool. Once the glob has cooled, rinse it under cool water.
Check it out – you can now play with your home grown plastic.

The Science Behind the Spell:
Vinegar is an acid.
When the vinegar is added to the warm milk, a chemical reaction occurs.


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