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Harry Potter Craft Ideas

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Here is a compilation of various Harry Potter craft ideas submitted via the discussion list as well as our forums.

Harry Potter Craft Ideas

Decorate baggies and fill with many different flavored Jelly Bellies. Label the bag B.Botts Many Flavored Beans, or visit the jelly belly website and order Real Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans!!

I used a large piece of fun foam and curled it to make a cone to fit the child’s head. Trim off excess. Hot glue to edges together to hold cone shape. Use other scraps of fun foam to cut out various celestials shapes (stars, moons, etc) and glue them on the hat. Use glitter glue to create swirls, lightning bolts, etc for added effect. Any sequins, bits of old sparkly jewelry bits, buttons, etc for extra embellishments.

“We decided we needed a special bookmark for our books. I took a narrow craft stick, painted it black with a white tip. Now we had a magic wand bookmark. Of course, the kids had fun casting spells with it too.”
–Bonnie, Conroe,TX

“Help the kids make a diorama of a scene from the books.”
–Jenna, NE

“Make a snitch by cutting a gold circle and white wings from craft foam. Hot glue the wings onto the circle and put a pin on it.”

“Make Invisible ink: Dip a toothpick into lemon juice and write a message on paper. Make it appear by warming over a toaster or in the oven. Make a foaming potion to get rid of odors: Vinegar and baking soda.


Make homemade playdough and form various items such as the sorting hat, the Firebolt or the Nimbus 2000.

“To make a cauldron, Paint the lower half of a Kool-Aid container black and discard the other half. Glue black beads onto the bottom for feet.”

“How about ‘Lumos’? Make a wand from a cardboard pant hanger, a penlight, and some black and white tape”
–Mary Lou

“Make a crystal ball using a baby food jar with a small ornament glued to the inside of the lid. Add water, a bit of glycerin and glitter. Seal the lid with glue and turn the jar over.”

“Use large stick pretzels as wands. Decorate the tip of them with icing and sprinkles.”

“Make homemade chocolate frogs”

MYO Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs

Melt chocolate chips to cover pointed ice cream cone. Let dry. Fill with small candies. Cover a large round cookie with chocolate and place it on top of the ice cream cone to seal it. Let dry. Turn the cone over and you have a surprise filled wizard hat!”

Make an owl out of craft foam. Use pipe cleaners for the feet, curling front toes under. Use the claws to hold small scrolls. Friends and family can leave messages to the owner of the owl. The owl can also be ‘sent’ to someone the owner wishes to to send a message to.”

“Put baking soda in a small container labeled ‘Powdered Horn of Unicorn’. Color some vinegar green with food coloring and label ‘Sap of the Whomping Willow’. Put the ‘unicorn horn’ in a little place caldron then add the ‘Sap’. If you put in a little dish soap, it would look even better (Add this after the baking soda). The dish soap could be called ‘Flobberworm Slime’. Once the vinegar is added, the contents will appear to “”boil”” out of the cauldron. A great way to incorporate science into a craft.

“Make brooms! Take a stick or paper and roll it up. Paste/glue on some weeds or thin straw!”

Make a quill pen from a feather and practice penmanship with food dyes. Take time to make bubble solution and pipe cleaner wands. My kids started a Harry Potter Club and made paper dolls of each character. They even wrote a play and preformed in costumes. The possibilities are endless. We even created a journal from brown paper bags to use as a playbill.”
–Latecia Herrold

“The Elusive Golden Snitch: Mold clay into A round ball, no bigger than a golf ball. With a toothpick, engrave the words ‘Harry Potter’ onto the ball. Poke in white feathers and pinch clay around the base of the feathers. Let clay dry or bake in oven. Paint snitch with gold acrylic paint. and roll wet snitch into gold glitter. Let dry.”
–Dee Dee

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