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Last Comment Wins

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If you’re a fan of our Facebook page you may have seen our “Last Comment Wins” Challenges. To the average person passing by this may seem like a moot point, I mean after all, how can someone win if it’s constantly ongoing, but wait.. before you *snicker* to yourself and pass it by, here’s a very simple explanation of how it works.


1. We issue a challenge to our Facebook Fans asking them a particular question.

2. Our Fans who wish to play answer the question.

3. A winner is Chosen based on a preselected time frame. Before we post the question we determine a particular time frame to choose a winner.
Our assistant goes to the page at the precise time and the last person who commented at that time is deemed the winner. Sometimes we share the time frame in our Freebies Forum in the morning, sometimes we don’t.

Other things you should know:

1. Comments must be “On Topic” in order to qualify.

2. If your comment happens to be the last comment you will have to provide your physical mailing address (no PO Boxes) and a valid phone number for shipping. We don’t keep them, we don’t sell them, we don’t share them. We only mail out your goodies. Period.

About the Questions We Ask

I’m willing to bet that you’re wondering how we even come up with the questions we ask… well, to be honest we ask questions that help us gauge what type of content we should be sharing with you.

For example, we wondered whether people were even still interested in making homemade gifts any more, are they well received, or not worth the time. So we asked…. and overwhelmingly the response was that homemade gifts are da bomb.

Sometimes we ask questions to gauge whether we should be spending more time on a particular subject.. like our recent question posed about How much do you think Thanksgiving dinner costs the average (American) family?

Shockingly, many believed it would be well over $200!! Scary thought huh?! So, we’ll be focusing our attention on bringing you inexpensive, yet tasty homemade Thanksgiving dishes as a result.

So, if you’d like to play keep an eye out on our Facebook page for “Last Comment Wins” Challenges! This is a challenge to see who can post the most responses, generally 1 is sufficient, 2 at most.

Prizes vary, but some that we’ve doled out already include: a triple slow-cooker, gift certificates for groceries, paderno vegetable spriralizer and slicer, dark chocolate liqueurs and more!

4 thoughts on “Last Comment Wins”

  1. This sounds really cool. If only my computer worked and I didn’t have to keep borrowing one. LOL Still this is really great.


  2. Thanks for sharing this, I’ve never seen a page that gives away kudos for interacting. I always just assumed the post itself was the reward, haha.

    I’ll keep an eye out to see what kinds of comments win!


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