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How Challenge Winners are Selected

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We hope you’re enjoying our Budget101 Challenges and the chance to win fun prizes and gift cards- but we know a few of you are wondering, just how random are these “Randomly drawn winners”? Well, very random- here’s how they’re drawn . . .

First the majority of the challenge questions end at either 50 Responses, 75 responses, or 100 responses. If you look in the right hand side of every thread post you’ll see that the site generates a number like so:


Then, we have several Buckets of Numbers:

  • 1-50
  • 1-75
  • 1-100

The number is then randomly drawn from the correct bucket (determined by how many entries/responses there are!)


However, if it’s really late and we’re really in a hurry, or if there are an uneven number of responses, say 31, for example, we us which has aRandom Number Generator. Whichever number it selects is the number of the winning reply.

There is no limit as to who can win, if you win today and there’s another challenge tomorrow, you can still win. It’s completely random. We do LOVE IT when you post about your win/prize in the thread! Feel free to share your excitement within the challenge that you won!

Where Can I see who won Each Challenge?

The lucky winners are always shared in the challenge themselves. Sometimes they’re at the very end, but occasionally the thread receives additional posts so they may be located a page or two from the end.

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