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TYGP May 2013 & June Gift Recipients

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Congratulations to our lucky gift recipients for the Months of May and June! Here’s what they scored just by being active members on our site. . .

In case you find yourself wondering just how do we choose what to send to each member as a gift, we choose by reading the contents of your posts, threads, blogs and comments. Generally speaking, if you display an interest in something, we’re more likely to choose something based on the interests that you’ve expressed on the site! That’s why the items are sometimes unique, such as tarot cards or bodybuilding books.

Congratulations to the followingLucky Recipients:

  • Bethaliz6894 (May)
  • JRodgers (May)
  • AHudson (FB Win) (June)
  • BellyJean (June)

    What did they get?

    Here are the gifts that were included for May & June 2013 each lucky recipient received one or more of the following items:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding
    , Insulated Casserole Dish- keeps food hot or cold for up to 5 hours, Essential Oil Gift Set

    How to Enter:

  • Register (for free!) & Login
  • Add your Address in your Profile
  • For every 5 posts you get 1 Entry
  • View top Peeps here

    View Complete rules, FAQ and more here

    Just a note, in the last 4 draws we’ve have more than 9 different names drawn that were NOT eligible to receive their thank you gift because their addresses were not filled out in their profiles. Please note, if you want to be eligible, your info must be filled out PRIOR to the drawing.

  • 3 thoughts on “TYGP May 2013 & June Gift Recipients”

    1. :dance1:Wow Thank you so much for the essential oil gift set! I wondered why ups was stopping and wasn’t sure if i’d won a contest or if he just had the wrong house again.:mylove: i opened the box and it was a total shock to see that i’d gotten this awesome essential oil set!!! i’ve been wanting to make your homemade deodorant recipe that you shared but i didn’t have any lavender eo and didn’t have the extra money to order it right now so thank you thank you thank you!

      Love shower

      have i mentioned lately how much i truly appreciate because I really do!

    2. I know there is a place for this, but I cant find it…

      the best part about my week was 2 days ago I got a present from you. 🙂 I never thought I would win. I never win anything.

      I will use the casserole dish a lot. I love pitch-ins and this will work wonderfully. You made winning special with the personal message that you included.

      by doing that, you show us(your users) are special to you.

      Thank you liss


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