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We’re so thankful to all our members that share their thoughts, ideas and comments on our site; that’s what makes our community such a valuable resource of over 950,000 Pages of money saving information! As such, we want to express our thanks to those that go above and beyond through frequent participation . . . So we’re giving away Free Stuff!

For every 5 posts or threads a member makes on, they’ll receive an automatic entry in our bi-weekly Thank You Gift drawings. Depending on the number of entries received, up to 5 winners shall be drawn per month, with drawings taking place bi-weekly.

All prizes will be shipped directly to the member via the address entered in the the members profile located in theuser control panel.

The address field MUST be filled out in order to receive the thank you gift. Please note, most of the gifts are purchased and shipped Online. If this field is NOT filled out in it’s entirety, that member forfeits the thank you gift.

Also, in order to ship larger items, UPS requires a phone number to be included. While you can leave this out, we highly recommend including it to avoid shipping issues as we cannot provide additional directions if the UPS or FedEx driver can’t find your home!

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1. There is no Limit to the number of entries
2. Posts/Threads must adhere to site guidelines (no bumping/thanking posts just to increase counts)
3. No limit to the number of times a person can win, if you are a frequent contributor and your name is drawn multiple times, so be it.

Lucky Recipients of the Thank you gifts Shall be Posted in the Comments Below. If you happen to be one of those lucky recipients, please feel free to tell members what you received, (or you can keep it secret, after all, it is YOUR gift!).

About the Gifts:

Thank you gift items will vary by month and may include Kitchen Gadgets, cookware, specialty bakeware, computer gadgets, software, seasonal items, Scentsy products, etc – just a note– prizes will reflect your posts/thread content, as well as your member profile content.

Which means, if you have a tendency to post that you love to bake and make bread constantly, when you’re selected you might receive goodies for bread baking, or if you post in the crafts section because you’re an avid scrapbooker you may receive a boxful of scrapbook supplies, etc. If your profile states that you’re a stay at home mom with several little ones, you might receive some things to keep the kids busy for awhile!

So, be creative in your posts and share your true interests & concerns, you just might receive something you never expected!

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Melissa Burnell, known to her friends and fans as "Liss," grew up in Southern Maine, now residing in sunny South Carolina. As a busy Wife, Mother of two sons, an avid photographer, and self-employed entrepreneur, Liss understands the value of both time and money.


  1. i look forward to checking this site out further. i need help in keeping my budget down and eating healthy too. thank you.

    • New to this site, but looking forward to learning more about how to lower my gargantuan grocery bill for a family of 5 eeek!

      i too have a huge grocery bill but only 2 in my household. I also spend a lot of money on my 2 cocker spaniels for food, treats and huge vet bills!

      I hope to find ways to cut down my spending on this site. :arizona:

    • wow! just for registering and posting! great idea!

      thank you for such an opportunity for free things.

      might encourage more of us to post.

  2. i ran across your site via pinterest & love everything. i was considering making my own mixes. after finding your many mix recipes, i decided i could save a ton of money.

    these post are very helpful & appreciated. i registered because i wanted to save to “my favs”, not realizing i could also get free gifts. that is an extra bonus!

    i will definately be reading your blog on a regular basis. to find more budget friendly tips. thank you!

    • this site..just stumbled on it from Pintrest ..looking at homemade laundry soap!!:bee:

      just printed out the instructions. a tiny bit of work, and a whole lot of savings!! sherril

  3. love this site so far!!! i came across it looking for ways to premix stuff we use (cake mixes, pudding, etc) excited to give all these a shot and look around. feeding 6 people is getting more and more expensive these days and this looks like a wonderful resource!

    Thank you!!

  4. i think this is an amazing resource and i am thrilled to be able to use this website to better my families life..

  5. i just found our website today and all i can say is thank you for putting up a site that has some common sense. it seems to get harder everyday to find a way to stretch our dollars and what should be a help(the internet) has actually been torture trying to navigate around all the false advice and find the good stuff. so thank you again.

    tammy ramey

  6. I have one similar to what you have, I love mine, I have 2, and gave 2 out as gifts.
    You won’t be disapointed…

    Imagine my surprise when I got this insulated food/travel casserole dish in the mail!!!  thank you so very much! i can’t wait to use this when we go to the inlaws this weekend!!

    i love budget101! :cloud9:

  7. Imagine my surprise when I got this insulated food/travel casserole dish in the mail!!!  thank you so very much! i can’t wait to use this when we go to the inlaws this weekend!!

    i love budget101! :cloud9:

    Wow! Congratulations! That looks so amazing 🙂

  8. i absolutely love this site! the recipes and ideas are great, and it is nice to be able to share recipes with others. not to mention the free gifts too!

  9. brand spanking new to this site……….i can tell i’ll be spending a lot of time here, lol! wow – thank you to all the participants! i see lots of ways to save money and have a few ideas i’ll be posting in the future.

  10. this is a cool idea! personalized gifts! it is nice to know someone is paying attention to the posts.

    i think i might get used to this…:)


  11. wonderful site! i purchased the 2012 grocery book on my kindle last week. We already have the gluten free homemade granola bars in the oven.


  12. i can tell i will be back here often! lots of things to inspire . .

    . especially the recipes, because i’ve gotten into a rut! sweet and sour meatballs over pasta?

    what’s not to love!?:coffeebath: i’m diving right in! lol!

  13. i’ve printed off a few beverage dry mixes, that will be great gifts for an up and coming meeting that i have. they will be prefect awards. we are having a soup tasting contest. thank you again, i can already tell, i’ll be referring daily.

    from the snow filled pastures of utah, lindamarie

  14. dear liss, i came across your website through pinterest and i am very exicted to explore all your saving tips and recipes. looking forwarding to a new beginning. mamita

  15. i’m new to this site, but after reading for only a few minutes, realized what a cool site this is! i can’t wait to read all the cool tips, recipes, etc! you really seem to show your appreciation to the members here also!

    i am so grateful that my friend nancy slone recommended this site to me! it has everything in it that a women (or man) could want! i already have seen some great ideas for some food gifts to make at christmas!

    for three of my single sons, food gifts are a great idea any time of the year! thank you liss for this great site! tonda malone

  16. i am so excited about this site. i love trying new things and making my own products and who doesn’t like free gifts! right on!


  17. morning all~ i know i am going to enjoy this site! i am a widow almost 3 years out and am having to adjust to one income now and every little bit of advice is welcome. Thanks!

  18. wow, don’t know where to start. found this site via pinterest and commend you on the fine job you are doing. can’t wait to start reading.

  19. i’m trying out the laundry sauce right now. i just got it in the jars and turned them upside-down. i hope it works!


  20. hi im new at this but so far i really could use this site for meals and other stuff ive seen so far really like it here,but might need help getting going on here hope you all dont mind?

  21. i’m excited about exploring this site! looks like it’s chock full of great ideas! i’m going to be busy reading and trying new ideas and recipes.


  22. so, imagine my surprise when i opened my front door to discover a box from amazon… i thought it was the book that i had ordered from the uk…

    instead — it was a gift from liss (who is amazing!)…

    thank you for the wonderful gift — it goes right along with the food saver i received for christmas last year. <3 Love showerLove showerLove shower

  23. today felt like christmas used to feel like when i got a surprise gift. oh, happy days, happy days!! (usually buy my own gifts nowadays.) thank you!

    the foodsaver kit should come in handy when we are putting our garden produce up for the winter. thanks; virginia

    • So, imagine my surprise when I opened my front door to discover a box from Amazon… I thought it was the book that I had ordered from the UK…
      Instead — it was a gift from Liss (who is amazing!)…
      Thank You for the WONDERFUL gift — it goes right along with the food saver I received for Christmas last year.

      You’re welcome! So glad you liked it & I hope they come in handy for you.

      Today felt like Christmas used to feel like when I got a surprise gift. Oh, Happy Days, Happy Days!! (Usually buy my own gifts nowadays.) Thank you! The foodsaver kit should come in handy when we are putting our garden produce up for the winter. Thanks; Virginia

      You’re quite welcome Virginia, but I wanted to mention that you cannot use the foodsaver as a substitute for canning to put up your veggies!! Here’s how we use ours to prolong the life of fruits and veggies (& pantry goods too): – A Jarful of Savings | Grocery Savings Tips


  24. i was just reading your book family guide to groceries under $250 a month that I got from I love your book. I’m so glad to have found this site.

    Thank you Liss !

  25. this is an awesome idea! thanks for all the current ideas and reading/research…keeps me up to date and budgeted!

  26. i am a newbie to this sight and i am very excited to see all that it has to offer. i am looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer. thank you for this sight.

  27. thanks so much:springsmile::springsmile::springsmile: i am so glad to have joined a great informative site!!

  28. i received the handheld foodsaver and the jar sealer attachment as a lucky recipient in the thank you gift program. not only did i enjoy the surprise, i also have found the products to be terrific. no more slimy fresh vegetables in my refrigerator.

    even sliced and chopped vegetables are fresh at least a week. what a joy it is to have found you!

  29. this is such a fabulous thing to do for your members! thank you 🙂 i love that we can win multiple times without limits. i do have a suggestion though, maybe you could do 1 Large gift for the member that posts the MOST through the entire year, whaddya think?

  30. i just found this site, and it looks like something that will be coming in very handy for me. i was born a do-it-yourselfer and am on a very tight budget; i love anything that will help me stretch that dollar a little further.

  31. hi my name is carrie.
    i am a homeschooling mother of two boys 16 and 18.
    I have homeschooled them since kindergarten and 1st grade.
    My 18 year old is dual enrolled with a college in central FL
    and is graduateing in Dec.
    I enjoy cooking and baking. I am married to wonderful man for 20 yrs.
    My money saving tip is useing Ebey for buying curriculum used. I use Alpha and Omega SOS computer curriculum and it is very expensive new so I will sell what I have every year and buy what I need to replace the one I sold.
    I want to learn how to feed a family of 4 on less than 100 per week.

    I just can’t seem to do it.
    I hae been trying to use coupons but it seems like I end up spending more instead of less. Any suggestions?

    • Hi my name is Carrie.
      I am a homeschooling mother of two boys 16 and 18.
      I have homeschooled them since kindergarten and 1st grade.
      My 18 year old is dual enrolled with a college in central FL
      and is graduateing in Dec.
      I enjoy cooking and baking. I am married to wonderful man for 20 yrs.
      My money saving tip is useing Ebey for buying curriculum used. I use Alpha and Omega SOS computer curriculum and it is very expensive new so I will sell what I have every year and buy what I need to replace the one I sold.
      I want to learn how to feed a family of 4 on less than 100 per week. I just can’t seem to do it.
      I hae been trying to use coupons but it seems like I end up spending more instead of less. Any suggestions?

      yes! Check out our $50 weekly menu planand read some of the past ones to see how we split it up each month. Also, you can put in a help request on our sister site for help with a $50 menu plan in your zipcode. Check out the dirt cheap recipes here in the forums and in a few days our ebook, “the 2012 guide to groceries under $250 a month” will be free for download for 24 hours, make sure you get a copy!

  32. i just discovered this site and it really looks like one i will visit a lot. i am anxious to try the laundry detergent. be back again, thanks
    this is my first comment anywhere…

  33. this site is definitely one for me ! i can’t wait to check it all out and i promise, you’ll be hearing from me ! lol !

  34. hi saw the laundry detergent on facebook so i look up this site. will be trying it within the next week and will give a feedback. this looks like a site i will be using alot.

    love it so far.

  35. so excited i found this site…..looks fantastic….looking forward to checking it out further……definitely want info on how to keep my budget lower and in line…..thank you!

  36. this is the best website that i have found in a long time. i haven’t tried any of your ideas yet, but i can’t wait to get started and save some money!

  37. this is the best website that i have found in a long time. i haven’t tried any of the ideas yet, but i can’t wait to get started and save some money!

  38. i am so glad i ran onto this site, i have always had trouble with finances being a single mom but recently things have been super-duper tight. hopefully with the help of this site not only can i save money but maybe become more self sufficient as well!!! :helpme:

  39. was introduced to your site through facebook. i love your incentive program on encouraging active posts monthly. glad to be a member and will be on your site often.

    thank you.

  40. love seeing all the gift ideas you shared. looks like this christmas i will be creating a lot of my own personal baskets to share. thank you for the great ideas.

  41. love this site, already made super laundry sauce and love it. looking forward to looking around for more tips and recipes.

  42. this is cool. i registered because i want to try to win the super laundry soap kit. i want to try it but i forgot to buy the borax.

    i tried the no poo shampoo and conditioner this morning but i have to wait for my hair to dry to see how well it works for me.

  43. yep, don’t want to be a “lurker” long – lol – printed the recipe for the laundry sauce – gonna give it a try – will post the results when they become “available” – i love this site – am so glad i happened upon the laundry sauce recipe on fb which led me here. will be sharing the site info with all my family and friends! kudos to you all !!

  44. i’m new here and finding all sorts of neat things. i just wanted to thank whoever thought of this idea. it’s a brilliant way to keep your website lively!

    michelle :rodeo::rodeo::rodeo::rodeo:

  45. just finished making the no fail laundry soap. the hardest part was trying to find a used blender! 🙂 this was an easy recipe and i’m looking forward to testing the cleaning power of it!!

    thanks, this looks like a great site!

  46. i found you through a facebook post that talked about your laundry soap. now that i found you, you will not ever get rid of me. we are living on a very limited budget, and i plan on using your recipes for everything that i can.

    thanks for this great site!!!: worthy: :party1: :clap:

  47. well, this is pretty cool. i’ve never been a member of a group that sends out thank you gifts just for doing what members usually do; make posts!

  48. ran across your site from a pinterest post on making your own liquid laundry soap.. Love shower this is a great website and a wonderful way to share ideas and most of all save a lots of money… can’t wait to explore..

    think i’ll check out your “mixes”… thank you

  49. thanks so much! so much information here i can’t wait to get started! i love to learn others ideas and share my experiences as well.

    i look forward to all that you and members have to offer!

  50. i sure wish i would have found this place sooner. so many great ideas and money saving things to do. every penny counts when you don’t get much in the way of social security!

  51. just registered, i am excited to try stuff and figure out to post stuff, never done that before. love the variety! thanks for an awesome site!

  52. i was looking for gag gifts for our crochet club christmas party. i googled and here i am. i will be coming back often.

    so many great ideas!

  53. excited to find this site. found you because i was trying to find recipes for an easy bake oven. so happy to find them here.

    i really didn’t want to have to buy those expensive mixes. love your site am always looking for budget friendly things.

  54. i am thrilled to find your site on pinterest! my granddaughter who is eight years old, and loves to cook will be getting an easy bake oven as one of her christmas presents. i was looking for recipes for the easy bake oven when i found your site.

    now i can get recipes for our ava and yes, some for nana too!

  55. i am having so much fun looking at everything on this site. since i have many hobbies, this site has rekindled interest in some of them. i have made many of my own mixes for many years and enjoy the the savings.

    your laundry sauce is awesome! thanks

  56. found this site looking for laundry soap recipes and now i’m hooked! been on my phone for hours and will be on here for hours more 🙂

  57. hi everyone! being new here, i never expected freebies! i love freebies! i talk alot at times, and other times i just cruise around enjoying everyones stuff!

    this is going to be great! :jar:

  58. i’m so glad i stumbled upon this website…i am determined to make 2014 the year we get out of debt and my first step will be to revise how we spend our grocery money! there are only two of us, so i’m hoping it won’t be as difficult as it might be when we had kiddos at home…thank you for all the time and effort it took to put this site together!

  59. just saw this site on my fb wall from a friend. looks like a great site and will have fun looking around and reading other people’s ideas etc. i look forward to learning more ways to save money.

  60. hi, i just found this site. i can’t believe i haven’t seen this before. can’t wait to make the laundry soap and
    to see what else i can get into.

    sounds like there is so much to do here. i am not very good at this computing stuff
    but i am going to give it a try, i still can’t believe the soap, wow. keep those hands busy, connie

  61. spent the morning surfing your wonderful site.. time to start posting! :balloon: thanks to all who contribute.

    it’s great to have all the info in one place.

  62. just found your site and i’ve already collected a recipe for laundry detergent i want to try and a suggestion for making five meals out of one chicken! and i’ve been here less than five minutes!

  63. this is my “go to” site. i refer as many people as possible to this site. once they check it out they usually thank me for telling them about it.

    in return, thank you, for such a great site.

  64. someone posted your recipe on fb and it looks great! can’t wait to try it. hope i can find the soap (here in the okanagan valley).

    will be checking in lots, thanks for such a wonderful site!! 🙂

  65. believe i’m going to really enjoy this site, just registered today & i’m liking everything so far what i see!!
    will be looking forward to post’s & hopefully have some helpful post of my own doings!!
    awesome…. thnxs so much! debbie
    happy new years everyone!!!

    all best for 2014!!
    I’m Excited…… Happy & Healthy, Here I come!!!!

    • Just found this site. Bit confusing at first but should be beneficial. Just hope there are offers for me in London England.

      Hi Mummerley, I am new too and wanted to say Hi.

      Maybe together we can figure this all out. I am a bit overwhelmed. I’m definitely going to try the Super Mom laundry Soap.

      Good Luck and hope we can help each other out.

  66. i am new here an i think that this is a great idea an i came across this site thru a post on facebook thanks for all that u guys do

  67. just came across this site today via facebook. i enjoy the challenge of finding ways to save money, so i really think i’m going to like it here.

  68. i’m really excited about finding this site and now the thank you gifts are just an added bonus Love shower i came to find laundry soap and stayed lol.

  69. i found out about this site while browsing on facebook. i was looking at a recipe for homemade laundry soap. this site seems like a cool place!

    having a chance at gifts just for posting, now that’s over the top!

  70. hello everyone,

    i’m a divorced/single parent and doing it all on my own. i’m always interested in saving money anyway i can.

  71. just registered, can’t wait to start off my new year on “budget”. looking forward to enjoying your new site.:smile1:

  72. cool idea. saw the site on fb. the super laundry soap sauce caught my interest. should be fun.

    i always like to save money. thanks for the great ideas.❤

  73. i’ve been coming to this site often, and finally decided to get registered! i love so many things on here i can’t believe it took me so long! thanks again for creating this site, and for all the wonderful things here!

  74. wow! what a great incentive to be an active member! guess ima gonna have to start posting a little more here!

    love all the tips and articles y’all have posted up. :smile1:.

  75. new to this site. so far very informative and easy to use. very helpful.

    thank you for all the hard work in creating this site.

  76. i found your site thru facebook. i usually do not comment on post and such but you have such great info that i have found myself posting without knowing about the prizes. now if i could just find that little piggy it would be great.:suey::suey::suey:

  77. if you’re looking for it, this site has it. they have everything! very welcoming website.

    resetting my password was a bit confusing, however.

  78. this is a very nice way for you to share with others. i am excited to do more of what i’m learning from this site. thank you

  79. this site is the best site ever. i never found a site that gives so much information that is so useful in this day and age of economically

  80. I can not believe all the info on this one site. I took a cupon course in hopes of helping our budget. Wasted money.

    Should have given my money to you all. Great. Did I say how excited I am to find you all.

    Love this site

  81. This is wonderful!! I just joined cause there is so much to do. I found you in a search for easybake receipes.

    Made a few with grandkids. We loved them

  82. I came across this site on Facebook clicking on the link for the homemade laundry soap ! I also am so glad to have found it! All the things you have on here is awesome !
    Love shower

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