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25 Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

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25 Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Is a special woman in your life about to retire? This is a monumental time for her. It is a time of endings but also a time of new beginnings. It can be difficult to find the right gift to help her celebrate this moment and look forward to an engaging, fulfilling and active retirement. Below are 25 retirement gift ideas for women. One of them could be the perfect gift for her.

1. A copy of 101 Fun Things to do in Retirement

A book is a great gift for a retiree, as she will have more time to read for entertainment. This fun book encourages a playful spirit in people who are approaching retirement and reminds them of how much there is to explore in the world once they are no longer working.

retirement gift ideas

2. A funny apron

This cute, funny apron  reads “I’m retired, you’re not, have fun at work.” This gift will add some bright color and a dash of humor to her experiments in the kitchen. The apron comes with a matching oven mitt and pot holder. It also features a large front pocket where she can safely store a recipe book or even her phone while she cooks.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women- Funny Apron

3. An engraved, wooden plaque

Wooden home decor is very much in style and gives the home a comfortable, rustic feel. Inspirational phrases are also very popular additions to wall decorations. This beautiful plaque combines both qualities. It is made of high-quality natural wood and engraved with an inspiring acrostic poem about retirement. Its backside includes a routed slot for wall hanging.

25 retirement gift ideas for women

4. A gag-gift wine glass

This white wine glass is etched with the epic retirement phrase “goodbye tension, hello pension.” It is stemless and holds 17 ounces of wine. In general, you can never go wrong with a tasteful gag gift, as retirement is the perfect time to approach a new situation with humor and joyful reflection. She will love enjoying a little white wine at the end of the day in this dishwasher-safe glass.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women- Funny

5. A copy of The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement

As more and more people choose to remain single all their lives or end up single due to life circumstances, many of those people approach retirement without much of an example of how a single person can enjoy it. This book is an informative, supportive and inspiring read for an awesome single lady approaching the end of her career and a new beginning.

retirement gift ideas for single women

6. A Personalized retirement wish jar

This gift is made from a mason jar and can be personalized. It comes with 100 “wish tickets” on which your retiree friend can write down her dreams and ambitions for retirement. Afterward, she can place the tickets in the jar, to be revisited at a later date. A wish jar is a simple way to document her dreams and create a cherished collection of memories. Though this jar doesn’t cost much, it becomes immensely valuable on a personal level once it’s filled up with wishes.

retirement gift ideas for women- wish jar


7. A Senior’s Texting Code mug

This gag gift is not for the faint of heart, as it contains some humor about the downsides of growing old. Still, for the right person, it could be the perfect gift that will bring a chuckle to her face each morning. It plays on the stereotype that older people don’t understand young people’s texting acronyms. For example, on the mug, “WAITT”, is defined as “Who am I talking to?” The mug holds 11 ounces of coffee or tea and is made of white ceramic.

retirement gift ideas for women

8. A copy of How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free: Retirement Wisdom that You Won’t Get From Your Financial Advisor

You can never go wrong gifting a book. This is another great retirement book that is quite popular on Amazon. It offers inspirational advice on how to enjoy life to its fullest and create an active and satisfying retirement lifestyle. It moves beyond financial advice to help her bring heart and soul to her retirement.

retirement gift ideas for women

9. Retirement is a Full-Time Job: and You’re the Boss!

This is a lighthearted gift book featuring a happy, sunglasses-wearing bulldog on its cover. It is a fun collection of colorful photos and quotes to help her celebrate this coming time of “simple pleasures and sagging parts.”

25 retirement ideas for women
Find the book Here


10. A Retired Chick tote bag

This heavyweight fabric tote bag is made of natural canvas and features the slogan “this chick is retired” alongside an image of chickens luxuriating in a sauna. It has full side and bottom support gussets and a thick fabric handle to ensure that the bag remains sturdy as it accompanies her on her errands.

25 retirement gift ideas for women

11. A Brimma vacuum-insulated water bottle

This is a functional gift that will help equip a woman who is ready to explore the great outdoors or take up a new retirement exercise routine. It is a 100% sweat- and leak-proof 17 ounce thermos that is suitable for hot and cold drinks. If you want to get her something she can use each day to stay hydrated and get the most out of her adventures, this gift is a great selection.

25 retirement gift ideas for women

12. A Luffy heart marimo

Marimos are Japanese plants that rarely grow into the shape of a heart. Heart-shaped marimos can be purchased on Amazon for your special retiring friend. They are thought to be good luck charms and are often gifted to show special love for the recipient. If she has a green thumb and loves attractive, eco-friendly gifts, this could be the right gift for her.

luffy retirement gift idea


3. A travel watch case

Like the insulated water bottle, a travel watch case is another great functional gift that will help facilitate her retirement travels and increase her peace of mind. These are zippered, insulated circular cases that will protect watches or other small jewelry items from damage on the road. The cases include two removable, foam inserts for extra protection.

25 retirement gift ideas for women

14. A charm bracelet

This charm bracelet wishes her health, peace, and happiness in her retirement. It is a silver, double-loop expandable wire bangle. This design provides a flexible fit regardless of the size of her wrist. The dangling charms are also double-sided, so it doesn’t matter which way she puts the bracelet on.

25 retirement gift ideas for ladies

15. An Oaktree Gifts gold-plated retirement pen

Too often, when we need pens, we just run to the convenience store and pick up a pack of unmemorable disposable pens. Why not give her a beautiful pen she can cherish and use for special projects, like writing in her journal? This gold and ivory patterned pen comes in a white leatherette case. The pen is a twist-action, black Biro pen and is approximately 14 cm long.

16. A laser-engraved “Eat Well Travel Often” stainless steel spoon

If your retiree friend is a foodie, she will love this engraved stainless steel spoon. The spoon is high-quality and sturdy, but also not too heavy. It is a simple, personal touch to add to her travel gear and remind her of you when she is eating breakfast in some far-flung place.

25 gift ideas for retiring women

17. A retirement T-shirt

Now that she is retired, she will need some clothes to relax in. Why not help her do it in style? These retirement T-shirts  are available in multiple colors and are printed with an inspiring, sentimental retirement poem. She will love the good vibes of this shirt and the reminder that “the best is yet to come.”

fun retirement ideas for women

18. Live Infinitely infuser water bottles

Infuser water bottles are a popular way to stay hydrated while incorporating fresh fruits into your diet. If your retiree friend is health-conscious or just likes to freshen up her water with some interesting flavors, she will love these water bottles. The bottles have a chamber inside them where fruit can be stored. Her drinking water runs through the chamber. The body of the fruit is prevented from mixing with the water, but its flavor will be picked up and infused into the water. This gift will help her meet her healthy-eating goals and hydration needs on a daily basis.

25 retirement ideas for women

19. A “Find Joy in the Journey” keychain

This beautiful, silver keychain will inspire her to “Find Joy in the Journey.” A keychain is a small memento that, if placed on her car or house keys, will provide her with a reminder of your positive thoughts and well-wishes each time she looks at it. Gifting a keychain is a simple but powerful way to add a touch of sentiment to her daily routine.

25 fun retirement gift ideas for women

20. A pair of CafePress Retired beach flip flops

These adorable flip flops will hopefully be useful for your retiree friend on her now frequent trips to the beach. A good set of flip flops is a must-have for beach trips or even just for walking outside to get the mail. She will appreciate the fun vibe of these sandals, which are available in multiple colors.

Fun retirement flip flips

21. A Day Clocks classic oak day clock

A day clock is a fascinating twist on a traditional clock. As the name implies, it keeps track of the day, rather than the hours, minutes and seconds. This is a perfect gift for a retiree who is enjoying a more relaxed schedule for the first time. The tasteful oak clock measures seven inches in diameter.

Fun Retirement clock gift idea

22. A “Does This Shirt Make Me Look Retired?” T-shirt

This lightweight, classic-fit T-shirt is available on Amazon and is a perfect gift for ladies who like to incorporate a little humor into their attire. It is made of cotton and is available in black, navy and brown.

Does this shirt make me look

23. A Zen Breeze essential oil diffuser

This gorgeous essential oil diffusor will help her incorporate aromatherapy into her retirement lifestyle. Numerous studies have demonstrated the mental health benefits of regular meditation and yoga practice. Aromatherapy augments the sensory experience of these practices. She can select scents that fit her particular needs. For example, lavender essential oil is thought to have a calming effect and is perfect for integrating into a bedtime meditation routine.

25 retirement gift ideas for women

24. A Gardener’s Delights gift basket

This thoughtful basket is the perfect gift for an aspiring gardener. It contains a fabric tote bag with an assortment of gardening tools, some seeds to get her garden up and running, and a medley of treats, such as tea and cookies. Gardening is a fantastic retirement pursuit because it is calming, it produces useful goods and it adds natural beauty to her life. Give her a head start with this amazing gift basket.

retirement gift basket ideas

25. A retirement tapestry toss pillow

A tapestry toss pillow such as this one, with its cute retirement phrase (“I don’t want to … I don’t have to … You can’t make me … I’m retired!”) and relaxing hammock imagery, is a perfect gift for a woman who enjoys adding a touch of playfulness to her home decor. The pillow is 12 inches long. It is well-made and perfect for helping her lounge in a comfortable reading position.

25 retirement gift ideas for women

One of these thoughtful, beautiful and useful gifts, all of which can be purchased on, will surely be perfect for the special retiring woman in your life.

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    It can be tough to find the perfect retirement gift for a woman. You want something that’s unique and memorable, but you also don’t want to spend too much money. Here are a few ideas that might help:

    1. A personalized photo album or scrapbook.
    2. A piece of jewelry that she can wear every day.
    3. A gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or spa.
    4. A basket filled with her favorite snacks or treats.
    5. A beautiful bookmark or set of stationery.


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