How to Make Beautiful Chocolate Gift Packing Easily

Chocolates are the favorite heart delights for the group of all ages and universally adored food item. They are the symbol of love, sweetness, and affection. They are not just used to satisfy the sweet tooth but also considered one of the most admired gifts. People present chocolates to their loved ones in an attractive and elegant packing to express their love and gratitude.


A wide range of chocolate boxes packaging is available in the market which makes it easy for consumers to pack the chocolates inside and gift it to others. People cannot stay away from the temptation to eat them and enjoy it with their friends and family. Also, to purchase chocolate gift packing from the market, it is very simple to make it on your own. It just requires little skills with creative imagination. Some of theeasy steps to make chocolate gift packing at home are as follows:

Material Needed:

• Small gifts like chocolates or candies
• Cord or ribbon
• Scissors
• A template
• Tissue paper or crepe paper
• Paper clips
• A little note

Step 1:

Gather two sheets of tissue paper or a fine crepe paper and cut them in a square shape. In addition to it, you can also use some interesting decorative paper. Alternatively, use a simple paper with a glittery touch. Your choice of paper varies according to your preference of how you wish to decorate chocolate’s gift packing. Approximately the tissue sheets can be 30cm wide. Find an appropriate template online and print it on one side and trim the remaining paper. You can also make the template on your own.

Step 2:

Fold the square sheets of tissue paper from both sides to get 1/4th of the first rectangular sheet. Fasten the template by using paper clips on the sheets and leave the openings out.

Step 3:

Cut the outlines of the petals with a scissor along with the pattern. Once all the petals get cut down release the mold and unfold the tissue paper. You will see that the design of the petals will be made on the tissue paper on all sides. Turn the paper little from inside such a petal can get mismatched.

Step 4:

Pack the chocolates in a cellophane paper to avoid smearing and place it exactly in the center of the flower. Hold it from below and carefully wrap the chocolates inside. Tie from the top using a cord or a ribbon. For more decoration, you can use a festive ribbon or attach a bow to it. Attach some pearls with glue on the packing to give t a more alluring look. Tie a label with the ribbon and write a thank you message. You can also print the message for a more delicate look. Cut off the excess cord.

You can use different shades of colors to pack the chocolates differently or use a combination of colors on the same chocolate to give it a fascinating look. It is the easiest low-cost way to make chocolate gift packing. You can also use candies or other small gifts. It is a great way for presentation on anniversaries, weddings, bridal showers, graduation, and other parties to pack each souvenir for individual guest separately. For customization, you can add the person’s name on it with a special secret message.

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