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How to Make Beautiful Chocolate Packaging for Gift Giving

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To the world, chocolates are a universal symbol of love and sweetness. To some people they’re just food that tastes good; to others they represent all these things we hope for in this life – joy, peace, happiness. Whenever someone shares one with you it’s because their heart is full of gratitude and appreciation for who you are as well as what your friendship means to them personally.

Chocolate has always been associated with romance since its conception centuries ago by the Aztecs but today chocolate brings much more than sweet taste sensations when shared among friends or loved ones–it can be an expression not only romantic affection but also feelings like thankfulness from close acquaintances too!

It could even mean ‘I’m sorry’ if given at a time that’s not ideal, and sometimes it means ‘I love you’ if given by someone with whom you have a relationship. Learn how to make beautiful chocolate packaging and wrapping easy with this simple tutorial. Perfect for gift giving or adding a personal touch.


A wide range of chocolate boxes packaging is available in the market which makes it easy for consumers to pack the chocolates inside and gift it to others.

People cannot stay away from the temptation to eat them and enjoy it with their friends and family. While you can easily purchase chocolate gift packing from the market, it is very simple and inexpensive to make custom chocolate boxes on your own. Luckily it requires very little skills with a touch of creative imagination.

How to Make Beautiful Chocolate Packaging for Gift Giving

Small gifts like chocolates or candies
Cord or ribbon
A template
Tissue paper or crepe paper in varying colors, patterns, or textures
Paper clips
A little note

Step 1

Take two sheets of tissue paper or crepe paper and cut them into squares. Furthermore, you can also use interesting decorative papers. If you prefer, use a simple glittery paper.

Your choice of paper varies according to your preference of how you wish to decorate chocolate packaging for each gift you have in mind. In order to give you an idea of the size of the tissue sheets, they can be roughly 30 cm wide.

You can find an appropriate template online and print it on one side of the paper, then trim the rest of the paper. If you would like to make your own template, you can do so.

Step 2

Using two square sheets of tissue paper, fold each into a quarter. Use paper clips to secure the template and leave the openings out.

Step 3

Cut the petals out with a scissor following the pattern. When all the petals are cut, release the mold and unfold the tissue paper. There will be a floral pattern on the tissue paper on all sides. You can get mismatched petals if you turn the paper slightly from the inside.

Step 4

To prevent smearing, wrap the chocolates in a cellophane paper and place them exactly in the center of the flower. Hold it from the bottom and carefully wrap the chocolates inside. Tie the top with a cord or ribbon.

Step 5
Add a festive ribbon or a bow for more decoration. Make it more alluring by attaching some pearls to the packing with glue.

Tie a ribbon around the label and write a thank you message, love note, or any other message that suits your needs. A printed message is also an option if you prefer a more delicate appearance. The excess cord should be cut off.

Step 6
To give your chocolates a distinctive look, you can use multiple colors on the same piece of chocolate. Making chocolate gift packaging this way is easy and low-cost.

You can also use candy or small gift, such as homemade mixes. It is a great way for presentation on anniversaries, weddings, bridal showers, graduation, and other parties to pack each souvenir for individual guest separately.

For customization, you can add the person’s name on it with a special secret message.

I sometimes make homemade chocolate bars with bits of other candy or cookies pressed into them. If I’m in a hurry, I just slide them into a cellophane sleeve and then wrap them with a colorful ribbon or piece of lace.
easy homemade chocolate packaging

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5 thoughts on “How to Make Beautiful Chocolate Packaging for Gift Giving”

  1. I’m always in the kitchen. It’s my sanctuary and I love it. My husband jokes that he married me for my cooking skills, so I better never stop. He’s probably right, but it makes him feel good to say the words!

    My family has a tradition when it comes to Christmas…every year we make homemade gifts for all of our close friends and loved ones. We usually cook up some soup or salad as well (my mom is famous for her tomato basil) and put everything together into personalized boxes with ribbon tied around them. This saves time on shopping and wrapping, plus you can add your own personal touch by adding special messages or pictures inside each box!

    Since I was out of boxes and couldn’t find any decent ones online, I just put the items in some deli containers that I had, then wrapped them with the tissue paper cut as flower petals. Everyone loved them.

  2. This tutorial really helped me out. I needed a gift for my girlfriend and I’m flat broke. She always has tissue paper craft stuff laying around here so I made her some brownies, drizzled them in caramel, chilled them so the caramel wouldn’t smudge, then wrapped them in tissue paper cut like flowers like it says.

    She was so freaking impressed, lol. Needless to say, if you wanna get laid, make this for your girl.

  3. There are several ways to create beautiful chocolate gift packing for your loved ones. One way is by using brown craft paper, scissors or a box cutter knife and decorative tape in different colors. Use the colorful tapes as borders on the edges of thin sheets of cardboard that you can buy from any nearby store such as Walmart, Target etcetera with no cost at all!

    After this step place some tissue papers inside it followed with chocolates arranged nicely and secure them well within layers before closing up tightly like a book cover.

    This will make sure that everything stays intact even if they move around during shipping process without getting broken into pieces which would be terrible news indeed.

    Or, if you have really pretty chocolates you can wrap them in clear cellophane and then make a bouquet style arrangement. Here’s one I did for easter with cookies and candies.
    Bouquet style homemade chocolate wrapping

  4. Cute ideas, thanks for sharing them. Since the plandemic we haven’t had a chance to shop very often, so we’ve been giving handmade gifts to our friends instead.


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