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8 Creative Gift Ideas for Graduates

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8 Creative Gift Ideas for Graduates

Spring is almost here, and that means high school and college graduates will soon walk the stage. Today’s youngsters are notoriously difficult to figure out. Most have all the electronic gadgets they could hope to possess. Don’t feel bad if you are not sure what to buy for your teen, 20-something, niece, nephew or friend. Here are some perfect graduation gifts for high school and college grads.


1. Professional Clothing

The average high school or college graduate has a wardrobe suitable for the frat house and little else. Get the graduate in your life some professional attire, and the challenge of landing a job will prove that much easier. A sport coat, collared shirt, tie, and dress pants and shoes will make the transition to the “real world” that much more comfortable. If you are not confident in your ability to pick out a style the graduate in your life will find acceptable, give them a gift card to a local clothing store that sells professional attire.

2. A Trip to the Spa

Young men and women today are wearing makeup and getting facials, pedicures, and so on. There is no doubt the metrosexual trend among young men is building momentum. Provide the graduate in your life with a trip to a spa, and he or she will be quite thankful. Typical spa services include facials, massages, laser treatments, permanent makeup, and lash beautification.

3. A Business Card Holder

Every high school and college graduate should have a business card holder. Even if they do not plan on starting a business, such a holder will help organize the cards they receive from others. There are plenty of affordable options available, so don’t shell out too much for an overly fancy model.

4. Amazons’ Echo

Almost every graduate is into high-tech devices. Give the gift of Amazon Echo, and the youngster in your life will hold you in high regard. This digital assistant answers nearly every question and also provides weather and news updates, creates shopping lists, poses trivia questions, and does much more.

5. A Wallet, Money Clip or Purse

Your recent graduate, who will likely be making decent money in the coming months and years, will need a place to put those hard-earned dollars. Provide them with a wallet, money clip or purse, and it will be that much easier to keep cash organized and accessible.

6. A Lovely Watch

Watches represent the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Time will become entirely relevant to the new graduate as they segue from school to work. There is no sense pulling out a smartphone to check the time when wearing a watch on the wrist.

7. Glassware

College graduates certainly have their fair share of red solo cups. However, these will not suffice for an apartment or house. Buy your grad some decent glassware, and they will not hesitate to host guests.

8. An Instant Pot

Graduation signifies another step toward maturity and self-reliance. Every graduate deserves an Instant Pot. Food cooked in this device tastes better than anything nuked in a microwave. Instant Pots serve as pressure cookers, rice cookers, slow cookers, and even yogurt makers. This small kitchen appliance is perfect for new college graduates.

When in Doubt, Opt for the Gift with the Broadest Appeal

Most adults feel somewhat confounded by today’s youngsters, and for a good reason. Recent high school and college graduates tend to have their noses in smartphones, tablets, mobile video games, and other devices for most waking hours.

If you are not exactly sure which of the gifts listed above is ideal for the teen or 20-something in your life, select the one with the broadest appeal to maximize the chances they’ll get some utility or enjoyment out of it.

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