Gift Ideas » Make Him Smile: 4 Gifts Your Husband is Sure to Love

Make Him Smile: 4 Gifts Your Husband is Sure to Love

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Choosing the perfect gift for someone is never easy. When that special someone is also your spouse, finding the right gift can be even harder. Whether you’re looking for a present for Christmas, something to remind your husband of how special he is to you, or just the right anniversary gift, here are 4 gifts your husband is sure to love.


1. Tools

Before you groan and say “Well, duh,” hang on a second. While any husband loves tools, not every husband loves the same kind of tools. If your husband is a handy kind of guy, sure he’d probably love a new set of wrenches. There are other kinds of tools, though, and maybe your husband would like one of those.

For example, does your husband play video games? Why not get him a new keyboard or gaming computer? Does he like to play golf? Why not get him some equipment for improving his game?
Remember that while most husbands will love some tools, the type of tool your husband in particular wants is going to depend on his personal interests. Fortunately, who knows your man better than you do?

2. Time off

Consider giving your husband some much needed time off. This could be anything from not asking him to do chores one weekend or actually encouraging him to take a few vacation days and just lay around the house. Everyone needs a break from life’s anxieties and stresses. As the perfect gift, why not give your husband the gift of time? Pick up some of his favorite snacks and drinks, take the kids out of the house for a few hours, and just let him relax and unwind on his own.

3. A new game

Still aren’t sure what to get? Everyone likes games. Consider your husband’s favorite hobbies and choose a game based on those. For example, if he is analytical and likes a good mystery, consider a mystery-based PC game that lets him solve a crime. If he’s more of a board game player, why not check out an unheard of game that he can explore and try out? Browse your local Wal-Mart or Target for a general selection of games or hit up an actual game store to see if you can find an odd or unusual board game.
Alternatively, if he’s a sports fan check Groupon for ticket deals to watch a live game of baseball, basketball, football, etc.

4. A good book

Nothing quite beats settling down for the night with a good cup of tea and a good adventure hidden within the pages of a book. Visit your local bookstore to find something new and trendy that your husband will enjoy or to browse some of his favorite authors. For a more eclectic choice, visit a used bookstore to see what one-of-a-kind treasure you can find to surprise him with.

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