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Fantastic Gift Ideas And Cheap Survival Kits

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In life, we all need to equip ourselves with survival kits in case of an emergency. Whether you live in places prone to earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, or love to adventure outdoors or just for survival. There is an endless reason why each of us should have at least the basic survival kits, such as first aid. Below we have rounded some exciting gift ideas for your dear ones, including fun and practical survival sets.

10+ Fantastic Gift Ideas And Cheap Survival Kits

Earthquake survival kit

This bug-out bag is portable, easy to grab and go, making it ideal while traveling by foot as it’s lightweight and compact. The essentials here include first aid CPR, a flashlight, ropes, food and water, and many more. Let’s say, when disaster strikes, you will be safe with this affordable starter kit.


Wayfinding kit

It can be an ideal gift to those friends of yours who are outdoorsy. It contains a waypoint compass to ensure you don’t get lost while you are adventuring. And you can have fun trying to figure out how the gadget works while playing with this liquid compass. This pocket guide’s compatibility makes it an ideal gift for everyone without hurting the wallet.

Way Finding Kit

Dirty thirty survival kit

Turning thirty is such a huge milestone. Most people fret when they clock to that age. However, if you can give them one of Fun survival kits like this, it might brighten their birthday. Those who are not yet there will be looking forward to it after seeing the welcome package to the third floor.

Dirty 30 survival Kit

How to survive menopause

Clocking fifty can be very scary for most people because that means the dreaded menopause is on. How do you wish someone special like a mom, an uncle, or a dear friend, a fiftieth birthday to cheer them up? This menopause survival kit will add a smile on their face because it comes with goodies deemed to spoil you with a variety of chocolates, which will wade the glumness look from your face.


Menopause survival Kit gift idea

College survival kit

Time seems to fly very first; it was just the other day you were taking your child to grade one, and now it’s college time! A child will get excited to go to the next level, making him feel mature.

But education and homesickness might overwhelm him, and that’s when you realize they will need a survival kit to push them on. Include every snack he loves, such as chips and pretzels, pistachios, skittles, and other chocolates to give him energy and boost his mood.

College Survival Box

Breakup survival kit

Most people have experienced breakups from their lovers, and they know it’s not an easy thing. If you have friends who can be a shoulder to cry on, count yourself lucky. And if you know someone who just got a divorce, or had their heartbroken, if you can’t be there, at least send this gift kit to them.


The pack includes; a variety of fun bar chocolates, sour candy, Laffy taffy, candy pop, pop rocks, tissues to wipe away the tears, and an instruction card that explains each gift’s purpose, humorous way.

SOS Emergency survival kit

Wondering what to give a friend on his birthday? Since natural calamities like tornadoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis are inevitable, everyone needs emergency survival kits, especially those you love. It is a self-help box packed with one LED flashlight, a multifunction blade, a cut saw, a small compass, and a whistle to call out.

18-in-1 SOS Survival Kit

First-day teacher’s survival kit gift

The long summer holiday is over, and the pupils and teachers have to go back to school. After the long break, it can be a little tough to focus and handle the little angels who might be homesick and uncontrollable.

Buying them a package of small essentials to help them survive day one is necessary. From paper clips, ball pens, eraser, sticky notes, wet wipes, chocolates, and a bottle of water or juice is the perfect present you can give your child’s teacher.

Teachers Survival Kit

Traveler survival kit

There are people whose jobs require them to travel often, while others do it for pleasure. This kit is a perfect novelty present to give them on their birthday. You can use the set to wish them luck as they travel.

It should include some fun products such as a carry on cocktail kit, tissues to cater to goodbye tears, and much more funny small gifts.

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Firestarter kit

Everything you need to build a fire using a Ferro rod, pieces of fire starter tinder are all-inclusive in this kit.  It is one of the cheapest survival kit gift inclusions that you can use as a gift to your grandpa, dad or uncle, and those who love to spend time in the great outdoors.

Firestarter Kit

New mom’s fun survival kit

Bringing along some fun-filled gift for a new mom will take her over the moon as it helps her loosen up a bit. Try giving this survival kit, and you will see what we mean. You know the snicker is something you probably have in your pocket to boost energy when you are out of the weather. It is here to excite mom with every bite she takes.

New Mom's Survival Kit

In Conclusion

Now you must have realized the perfect and fun survival kits that you can give your loved one to keep them safe and cheer them. But first, start with yourself. Which survival kits do you have in your house, your workplace, or in your bag today? As you plan to give them away, get one for yourself too.

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