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10 Gift Ideas for People Who Never Want Anything

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10 Gift Ideas For People Who Never Want Anything

Shopping for gifts can be stressful, your sister may want and need a new workout machine, your cousin may have the latest smartwatch on their wishlist, but there is always at least one person who says that they never want anything. You never know what to get them, and it can be frustrating.


Their reasoning may be sound: perhaps they don’t have room for more stuff they won’t ever touch, they don’t like what they usually get, or they simply feel guilty about receiving gifts.

Gift Ideas for the Ungiftable Person

The good news is we have compiled a list of 10 gift ideas that suit this type of person quite well.

1. Cash

Not a gift card- Cold hard cash. Everyone could use cash. If they don’t like it as a gift, they can take it to a store and exchange it for something they want.

2. Ancestry Kit

DNA testing has become more and more popular in the past several years. Not only is this a unique gift, but it is fun and informative at the same time. They might even find out some interesting information about their ancestry including genetic traits,  wellness traits, nutrition and dietary information and more.

Ancestry DNA Test Gift Idea

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3. Streaming Device / Service

Television is in decline. Most of the younger people I know have never even purchased cable. They are all switching over to streaming services, and nobody is looking back. You can give the gift of Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon with a gift card, and they couldn’t be happier.

4. Food

This includes fancy cheeses, winter sausages, teas, coffees, or exotic spices. Everyone needs to eat, and you can treat them to a luxurious morsel in lieu of a normal gift. You can even have them try something exotic that they would likely love, like barley tea. Create a gift basket of several homemade mixes for a well-received, appreciated gift.

10 Gift Ideas for People Who Never Want Anything

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5. An Experience

If the person you are buying for doesn’t like receiving gifts because it takes up room, a great alternative would be to buy them an experience. This includes concert tickets, dancing lessons, a massage, or even a local vacation. Not only will this leave their home clutter-free, but it is something that they can remember for years to come.

6. Alcohol

Make sure the person in question drinks alcohol- it would be a huge faux pax to buy a recovering alcoholic a bottle of booze. You may want to also probe around to see what they have a taste for. If in doubt, go with a more flavorless or mixing type alcohol like vodka.

10 Gift Ideas for People Who Never Want Anything

Easy Limoncello Recipe

7. An Upgrade

Find out what they buy on a normal basis, and get them an upgrade. A perfect example of this is toilet paper. People who buy the cheap rolls don’t know what they are missing out on- the silky smooth embrace of quality toilet paper cannot be matched. Buy them a couple of months supply of the good stuff and they will be thankful.

8. House Cleaning Services

Nothing beats being able to relax while the chores are being done. Even better than that is not having to pay for it. One of the most unique gifts you can give is the luxury of having a maid. If you can’t afford to hire a house-cleaning service, consider providing the service for them yourself with homemade housecleaning coupons.

9. A Re-Gift

This one requires a little bit of planning ahead of time and is a bit unorthodox. Ask them who they are planning to buy for, and offer to buy a gift for them in their place. This saves them the headache of shopping and spending money, and gives you a chance to find a gift for someone who wants one.

10. Pet Gift

Another unique option is to buy their pets a gift. Whether it is a dog, cat, or ferret, a nice treat for an animal is an excellent way to give to someone who doesn’t want. Some gift ideas include toys, sweaters, and treats.


If all else fails, you can simply not give them a gift. There is no wrongdoing if they explicitly stated that they do not want anything, and it would be unfair of them to hold it against you.

What great holiday gift ideas do you have for those that never want anything?

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