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5 Top Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s day is one that is accepted universally as the day for especially celebrating love. It’s got a bit of history involving a St. Valentine, but we aren’t going to delve into that right now. On Valentine’s day, lovers express affection for one another through greeting and exchanging of gifts. Here are 5 of the top Valentine’s day gifts for him or her.


So this implies that your partner would be expecting something from you come Valentine’s day. Finding the perfect Valentine gift could be pretty tricky, seeing that you would want to get him or her something that reflects the full extent of your love and yet has a practical use.

5 Top Valentine’s Day Gifts

If this is your dilemma, here are five great gift ideas for varying budgets that you can explore:

A Hand Designed Card

While this may not stand as a significant presence on its own, it would mean a lot to your partner. These days, greeting cards are available on the shelf of any shopping mall or supermarket, so it would require a bit of thought and effort for you to create a hand-designed card.


Although the package in itself may not be substantial, the thought put into it is one that your partner would appreciate very much. Similarly, if you are on a very tight budget, this would cost you next to nothing in the way of materials.

Valentine Card Ideas - Top 10 DIY Valentine Cards to Make At Home

This handmade card is also a sweet idea for including in a gift basket. Alternatively, you could attach it to any other gift that you intend to give to your partner. If you cannot get a hand-designed card done by yourself, some people render such services and would get it done on short notice.

All you have got to do is include the heartfelt message that you want.

A Framed Portrait

This Valentine’s day gift idea is both a practical and budget-friendly present, and it is super thoughtful as well as long-lasting too.  There is a variety of options to explore when it comes to framed portraits.

framed Portrait Romantic Gift idea

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There is the option of hand-painting them or purchasing a digitally printed framed portrait of them. You could also get their favorite picture of both of you together and create a photo on canvas using your printer at home.

Similarly, other options could be a portrait of your names cut into a heart-shaped shape. The list is pretty much endless, and you can be very creative with this.

Luxury Picnic Basket

Imagine a picnic basket filled with a couple of their favorites snacks and a few romantic treats such as chocolate-covered strawberries. If the basket is small, you could place some little gifts by the side.

You know precisely how loved this would make you feel. If you have a great love of all things chocolate, imagine an entire basket filled with all of your favorites!  As well as your favorite bottle of wine or champagne to go along with it.


You would sincerely appreciate this romantic picnic basket, and this is the same way your partner would feel if you did this for them.  This little, albeit thoughtful gesture would go a long way in showing them that you genuinely care about them.

What’s more, it would show that you cared about them enough to remember all of their favorites and then took an extra step of getting it for them. This gesture of understanding further fosters closeness between you and make them feel like they’re topmost of your priorities just as they should.


A Surprise Trip/ Getaway

There’s nearly nothing as thrilling as surprising your partner with an amazing unexpected getaway to some relaxing location that is pretty romantic as well. This Valentine’s Day gift is one that would be a memory to cherish in their minds, and it also allows them the opportunity to escape from a monotonous routine.


If you’re a married couple, it could be a reenactment of your honeymoon and is bound to make your relationship even stronger. Similarly, it has numerous health benefits as well, as sound relaxation does wonders for the body and the mind.

If you are working on a tight budget, you could shun luxury resorts or other such locations and instead book a beautiful suite in a great hotel with a room that has a great view.


Having room service at your beck and call so that you don’t have to stress about anything is a great way to relax. What’s more, you could plan a date night or some picnic right in your room, relax in the pool or hot tub, and have a wonderful time enjoying each other’s company, uninterrupted.


If your budget is minimal, create a cozy romantic staycation backyard getaway with a fire, mugs of hot chocolate, while snuggling under the stars for the evening. Trust me; this would leave your partner with memories that would linger for a very long time.



If your budget can handle it, jewelry is one of the most cherished gifts that people possess. These are presents that are functional, long-lasting, and continually remind you of whoever got it for you. Similarly, when you get compliments about your jewelry, you would think fondly of the giver too.


Jewelry tends to have a whole lot of value and is among the most thoughtful and cherished presents that anybody can get for you. Typically, expensive jewelry is treasured, and as you’re well aware, the more expensive it is or looks, the more value accorded to it.

So, if you have a significantly larger budget, one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can get your partner is diamonds. Diamonds are just about the most expensive and the most valued precious stones in the world, so you can only imagine what their reaction would be when you gift them diamond jewelry.


Well, there you have it. Practical and achievable Valentine’s Day gift ideas that your partner would indubitably love. You could begin to prepare right away to avoid any hitches and have yourself a memorable, romantic Valentine’s.


Happy Valentine’s in advance!!

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