Gift Ideas » Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones Under $100

Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones Under $100

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Buying your loved ones the perfect gift can be quite difficult at times. You want all your gifts to be thoughtful and memorable. If you’re on a tight budget though, you might have a hard time doing so. You don’t want your gifts to be too expensive or too cheap.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones Under $100

The reality is, most people just want to spend the right amount of money and get the perfect gift. It might seem like an impossible task but don’t worry I’ve got some tips for you that might help with that. Mentioned below are a few ideas that will help you find the perfect gift without putting too much strain on your bank account.

1.     A Special Mug

A monogrammed coffee mug is something you can buy for less than $20 dollars. Sometimes small things can matter a lot. It can make every morning a bit more personal and special by reminding them that they are loved. A coffee mug with their initials,  a special message, or  personal photographs on it is sure to make them think about you at least once a day. They’ll wake up every morning and be reminded of the thought you put into it.

2.     Music Instrument

Another gift that will surely fit your $100 price range is a musical instrument. A guitar, ukulele,  and flute are a few instruments that you can buy within your budget. You should try to learn their preferences before you make the final decision and try to go for an instrument that they want.

Perfect Gift Ideas Under  $100 - Guitar

If they already have an instrument, you can get them an add-on that they have been looking for. Such as a customized guitar pick or even a signed album. While the album culture has almost come to its end, a true music lover would love to have anything related to music. You can also get them concert tickets or any music merchandise.

Perfect Gift Ideas Under  $100 - Instruments

If your friend is a true music fan, you can also make them a mixtape playlist with songs that hold meaning to both of you. While it may seem like something out of a 90’s movie, it will definitely be appreciated.

3.     A Photo Album

With mobile phones and cloud storage systems becoming such a significant part of our lives, we have forgotten the meaning of photographs in an album. A photo album filled with all the amazing moments that you’ve had can be an amazing gift that you can arrange within your budget.

Perfect Gift Ideas Under  $100 - Photo Album

If you don’t want to go with a photo album, you can also make a wall with all your pictures on it. Not only will this be a new addition to the room, but it will also make sure that they constantly think of you.

If an album seems too outdated and you don’t think you’re creative enough for a wall, then making a scrapbook is also a nice idea. While it might not cost much, it is sure to have sentimental value for the rest of their life. Rather than going for pictures that are on point, you should use pictures that are authentic and haven’t been airbrushed.

Perfect Gift Ideas Under  $100 - Scrapbook

4.     A Grill

If your friend loves the outdoors, then a suitable gift that will surely come in your budget range is a nice grill. While buying a grill, you should keep a few things in mind. Make sure that it can be assembled easily and weighs a decent amount so that it can be moved around. You should make sure that it can be operated easily and is efficient when it comes to space. Try to go for a grill that can work on propane and natural gas so that the user has the opportunity to make the choice according to their preference and convenience.

Apart from that, you should ensure that it has all the necessary add-ons that can enhance the experience. If you’re looking for a recommendation, then check out the 9 best gas grills.

5.     A Fitness Starter Pack

If your friend has been thinking of going to the gym and hasn’t been able to go yet, you can get them a fitness starter pack that can motivate them. They will surely love the thought behind it. You can get them a cute pair of gym pants, some wristbands, a water bottle and maybe a fitness book that can keep them motivated.

You might be the only person who knows they’re struggling with body image issues. If so then, this will mean the world to them. It is a good way of showing your support.

Perfect Gift Ideas Under $100 - Fitness Starter Pack

6.     Bluetooth Headphones

This is one of the best gifts you could give to someone. You don’t have to buy the expensive ones; you can easily get one of decent quality under 50 bucks. Someone gave me a pair a few months ago, and it has proven to come in handy. As a person who often faces anxiety, Bluetooth headphones help in keeping unwanted noise out without the hassle of a wire.

Perfect Gift Ideas Under  $100 - Bluetooth Headphones

7.     Pop Sockets

While it may seem like something that anyone can buy on their own, people often forget to buy one. If you think that your friend ends up dropping their phone on the ground quite often, you can get them a pop socket to make sure that doesn’t happen. Who knows how much money that will save them in phone repairs?

I’m a fan of new technology, and I would have loved to get the latest phone every year, but I couldn’t save up enough money to do so because I kept dropping my phone and having to get it repaired every other month. It was only after my sister gifted me a pop socket that I was finally able to save up to get a new phone.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones Under 0


The mentioned above list of gifts consists of different items that you can get your friend throughout the year. While a guitar or a mug may be suitable for a birthday, a fitness starter pack surely isn’t. Always keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts. Rather than splurging on high-end products try to buy your friend something that holds meaning. In the end, it is always the sentiment that gives value to a gift rather than the price tag


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