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Homemade Spice Sampler or Easy Travel Set

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If you know someone who loves traveling, camping, hiking, fishing, boating with friends, tailgating, biking etc, this is the easiest homemade gift idea you can create!
This awesome little kit contains 15 savory herbs and spices that are most commonly used (and of course you can choose what to put in it to suit the recipient of your choice!).

If the kit is for your Husbands best Fishing buddy, you might want to include seasoning blends such as the cajun blackened mix, Rustic Rub, Homemade Old Bay Seasoning, etc.

You’ll Need:
1 Travel Tin with 15 Containers which can be found on amazon for under $7
15 spices or seasoning mixes of your choice.

You can use any seasoning mixes you like, just choose them based on the lucky recipient of your gift.

In addition to using single spices (such as cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, pepper) Here are 200+ Seasoning & Spice Mix Ideas to choose from that you could include in your homemade kit.

Fill the tins with various seasoning mixes. You can print the names on round labels or mailing seals and affix them to the top.

The labels are available at any big box store such as Walmart, Target or you can get them here on Amazon.

In all, this kit costs about $12 to create and makes a unique gift that can be refilled and reused for years.

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