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MYO Seedling Sprout Pail Gift

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Both novice and advanced gardeners will appreciate this simple, yet fun gift idea! Recreate this inexpensive seedling sprout pail . . .


This handcrafted gift idea is perfect if you yourself are a gardener and save seeds from your own plants to share with others. If you want to theme the basket even further you could include just vegetable seeds, or just flower seeds. In this gift, we wanted to include a few strange plants that are growing rapidly around our home.
Last fall we gathered a large number of seeds from this gorgeous trumpet flower plant to share with friends this spring.


You’ll Need:
Homemade Seedling Packets
Various Types of seeds
Peat Pods
Tissue Paper
Optional, Hand tools for the garden, pruning shears


The individual homemade packets are the perfect size for gifting seeds.

1. Download the free 7″ Teabag template.

2. Cut it out and then place the cut out template pattern on heavy scrapbook paper(any design you like!) I use Colorbok because they offer heavy duty 12″ x 12″ sheets of cardstock and the books are usually around $5.

3. Trace it with a pencil and then cut it out.

4. Fold the flaps in (matching the template) and the secure them by gluing them in place.

5. Add the seeds directly to the packet, seal and add a small label stating what type of seeds are enclosed.

Fill the pail with several types of seeds, add hand tools or pruning shears if desired.

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