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Mug Gift Idea

Mug mixes are incredibly easy to put together and luckily, with today’s economy, they’re also very inexpensive. Make your own mug mix holders for that special person in your life in less than 20 minutes.

Before we begin let’s talk about the scrap paper for a minute. Nearly all brick & mortar big box stores ( such as Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Kmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc) carry “books” of scrap paper. This particular book is 12″x12″ Glitter Paper, 54 sheets and they’re 65# Cardstock. It was marked with a price sticker for $4.31, but was in a 50% off bin at Walmart. You can easily get 4 packets per sheet, So these were less than 1¢ each to create.

The mini bags we found in the jewelry/crafts section but they can also be purchased online.

You’ll Need:
Heavy Scrapbook Paper (Any design you like)
Printed Template(7 inch)
Glue or Glue Gun
Coffee or Tea Mixes (or Individual Tea Packets)
Mini Bags (2″ x 3″)

Print out the Template on cardstock or heavy paper, you’ll want the 7″ template in order to package up to 3 Tbs of mix.

Cut out the printed template and place in on the backside of the scrapbook paper sheet you’ve chosen. Trace it. Cut it out.


Fold the side tabs in, fold the bottom up, creasing it in place. Fold the Top (the curved edge piece) down.




Apply glue to the tabs on the sides and fold the bottom over the tabs, squeezing gently to adhere them together.


Slightly open the envelope to ensure the glue has properly sealed on the edges.


Fill the mini baggies with whatever Coffee or Tea mix you’d like to give. In this instance we wrote the instructions on the baggie of homemade cocoa directly using a sharpie. It simply says, “Add to mug, fill with hot water, enjoy.”


Slide the baggie into the packet. Seal the top down, we simply used a dot of hot glue.

If you’d like to add additional embellishments you can tie the designs all together by cutting out small pieces of the other designs in the same scrapbook packet and applying them to the exterior of the envelope. Here we use stars from one of the pages and cut them out as accent pieces and hot glued them to the front of each packet.


Line a Mug with tissue paper, insert several mug mixes, attach a handmade gift tag and you have an instant gift that will be thoroughly enjoyed. If you have additional time, pair it with some homemade cookies as well!

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