Canning Enthusiast Gift Basket Idea

canning enthusiast gift basket idea
Canning Enthusiast Gift Basket Idea

Have a Canning Enthusiast in the family? Here’s a fantastic gift idea for beginners to Pros! This fun gift idea will provide hours of enjoyment for someone who enjoys canning and preserving foods at home.

Watch for canning supply sales late in the fall at your favorite big box stores such as Walmart, Target, Kmart, Big Lots, Lowes and more. Frequently items are drastically marked down despite lengthy expiration dates. We found the following supplies at more than 75% off by purchasing them at the end of season. If you purchase everything in the off season you can create this basket for around $16 in all with all the items pictured, including the canning utensil set.

Line a Basket or Canning Pot with an assortment of the following items:

Alternatively, you could make your own pickling spice mixes from our selection here and include them as well.

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  1. i am a beginner so will get this for myself. we had an assembly line canning process when i was young. do not know if i can stay on my feet long enough to complete the process.

    i may enlist my 3 yo g-daughter. She loves everything to do with the kitchen.

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