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Dieters Survival Kit

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Dieting can be a real pain! Here’s a fun way to show your support for a friend or family member who’s working hard to stay on their new fitness plan!
Print this Free Printable topper and attach it to the top of a baggie containing the following items:

Dieting can be stressful
no one will tell you that it’s fun
but your battle to get slim
and lose a few pounds has begun
To help you stay on course
to aid you on the way
here’s a little encouragement kit
for when resolution starts to sway.

Tic tacs – Only two calories each and fresh breath. What a bargain!

Energy bar – OK so it’s NOT chocolate, deal with it, it’s really not that bad.

Sparkling mineral water – pretend it’s expensive champagne and sip slowly.

A belt – soon you’ll need this to keep your clothes from falling down.

Skipping rope – when the weather is to miserable for walking outside or to tie your hands together to keep them out of the biscuit barrel.

A sign saying “NO!” – This needs no explanation, just stick it on the fridge.

A scrap of pretty material – a start on next years bikini

An apple, banana and orange – I’ve even supplied today’s lunch.

Bath salts – a rewarding way to unwind at the end of a healthy day.

A magazine and scissors – cut out photos of your head and glue over the models in the magazine to see instant slimming results.

A sign saying “You can do it.” – Because I know you can.

Written by Sue Pitchfork

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