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MYO: Bra

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Caught without a bit of support? Need a bra in a pinch? Convert an under the butt nut hut, into an over the shoulder boulder holder! I know this seems rather amusing, but in all honesty, this really does make a fast, comfy bra. In addition, it makes a pretty funny gag gift as well. A few things you should know-

Size: To figure out what size underwear you need for your correct bra size, you simply match the waist size of a pair of men’s briefs with your bra size. If you wear a size 34 bra, you would use Men’s Medium 32-34. A size 36 bra would be a Men’s Large It’s that simple- really!

This works wonderfully if you need to customize a bra to fit under an article of clothing, a summer dress, a halter top, etc. These can be made in multiple colors as cotton-blend undies dye very easily. Not too mention- they’re VERY comfy!

Here are some cutting guidelines for various styles of bras including scoop neck, v-neck, and a backless bra.



The front of the underwear is actually the BACK of the Bra

How to Create Different styles

Guidelines for Cutting Front of Bra (on the backside of the underwear) in order to create different styles such as v-necks, scoop-neck, and backless bras.


To create a v-neck style bra, simply cut the underwear as shown here:

Scoop Neck Bras:

To create a scoop neck style bra, simply cut the underwear as shown here:

Backless Bras:

To create a backless style bra, simply cut the underwear as shown here:

Poems to Include with a Gag Gift

Poem #1
I bought these tighty whities for my hubby,
who wore them with pride,
but was never able to locate the laundry room
so they could be washed & dried.
So, I used my imagination,
and a pair of sharp shears too.
I figured if they could hold up his “family jewels”
they could support my “girls” too!
(C) By Liss Burnell

Poem #2
I wanted to get you a lovely gift,
I thought this up with unusual swift-
It occurred to me that I could keep your girls from being juggled,
By simply trimming the front where his plums are smuggled!
(C)by Liss Burnell

Poem #3
I stole my husbands under the butt Nut hut
to make you this over the shoulder boulder holder!

Here’s another Poem to go along with this:
I pick up his dirty clothes
‘Cause he can’t seem to do it.
This time, you see, I had some fun
Before he even knew it!

If he can’t take care of his things
Then I’ll just make them mine,
So I took a pair of scissors
And a little bit of time,

and I made a handy dandy bra!
It’s soft and comfy, too!
And when he dropped another pair
I made this one for you!
(C) By Kelli

And Yes, to answer your most Frequently asked Questions- that REALLY was a pair of underwear, SEE!:

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