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Scratch Ticket Gag Gift

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Scratch tickets make great gifts – but for some folks, the anticipation of waiting for the recipient to scratch off the ticket is too much. Here’s a fun, unique gag gift idea for an already scratched ticket.

Print out the following poems onto an envelope and then slip a couple scratched off lotto tickets inside.

I bought you a lottery ticket
‘Cause I know that you’d like to win
But I realized if it’s a loser
My idea wouldn’t make you grin
So I saved you the disappointment
And scratched the ticket for you
I thought it would be the proper
And Thoughtful thing to do!
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

I bought you a scratch off ticket
I know you like them so well
I got hung up on if it was a winner
My nerves were giving me a fit without fail
I couldn’t stand the anticipation
It broke me out in a heavy sweat
I had to scratch it off for you
Or have a bad case of the frets
I sure hope you appreciate me being thoughtful
Because this is what you get!
© 2004 lou buffkin

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