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Redneck Bandaid

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This is a must-have addition to any Redneck First Aid box! Unfortunately, I thought of this several weeks ago when our youngest son split his head open after a bike crash. Since we were camping I didn’t have any butterfly stitches, But I had something just as good! . .

A handy dandy roll of Duct Tape! To recreate this fun gag gift, simply print out the poem below (we’ve included easy labels), and attach it to a roll of duct tape. Great gift on it’s own or as an addition to a Redneck basket.

You’ll Need:

  • A roll of Duct Tape
  • A Copy of this poem:

Doctors are for sissies,
I’m sure you’ll agree,
so next time you split something open,
Here’s the perfect remedy!

Simply open this roll,
please don’t be afraid,
rip off a generous strip
of this easy to apply
Redneck Bandaid!
(c) Melissa ‘Liss’ Burnell ,

Free Printable Labels/Topper

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5 thoughts on “Redneck Bandaid”

  1. oh my goodness!!!!! i love this idea! i am very much a joker and i had decided this year that i was not going to really purchase christmas gifts this year.

    the only money i am going to spend is on maybe a few items that i don’t currently have to make everyones gift, (including my kids gifts). this would be a great stocking stuffer for my kids who think they have to have a bandaid for everything!! thank you for posting this!!:mickeymouse1:

  2. what a fun fun fun idea. we have recently moved to the mountains and we are always looking for some fun redneck gifts for our family in the “lowlands”.

    thanks for such a cute and fun idea!


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