Wedding Flowers

wedding flowers
Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers & Decoration Ideas

Choosing your flowers… For inexpensive flowers you might consider cutting them from your garden, or choosing them based on what they mean.


Flower NameMeaningFlower NameMeaning
AcaciaFriendshipMarjoramBlushes, mirth
AcornLife, immortalityMintVirtue
AlyssumIncomparable worthMonkshoodChivalry
AmaryllisPride, BeautyMorning GloryAffection
AmbrosiaReciprocated loveMossCharity, maternal love
AnemoneForsakenMyrtleLove, home
Apple BlossomPreferenceOleanderCaution
ArbutusThee only do I loveOrange BlossomPurity, eternal love, marriage
Arum LilyArdorOrange FlowerChastity
AsterVarietyOrchidLove, beauty
AzaleaFirst lovePansyThoughts, consideration
Bachelor’s ButtonCelibacy, hopePeach BlossomsI am your captive
BegoniaBewarePeonyHappy life
BluebellHumilityPetuniaResentment, anger
Bridal RoseHappy lovePhloxOur souls are united
ButtercupRiches, childishnessPineHope, pray
Camellia (red)You are a flame in my heartPolyanthusPrice of riches
Carnation (Pink)I’ll never forget youPoppy (Red)Pleasure
Carnation (Red)My heart aches for youPoppy (White)Consolation, eternal sleep
Carnation (White)InnocencePoppy (Yellow)Wealth, success
Carnation (Yellow)RejectionPrimroseI can’t live without you
China RoseEver new beautyPrimrose (Evening)Inconsistency
Chrysanthemum (Red)I love youPurple CloverHusbandry, thrift
Chrysanthemum (White)TruthQueen Anne’s LaceHaven
Chrysanthemum (Yellow)Sighted loveQuinceTemptation
ClematisMental beautyRanunculus (Buttercups)Radiant with charm
CloverGood luckRhododendronDanger
Coral BellsChallengeRose (Bridal)Happy love
Coreposis (Tickseed)Always cheerfulRose (Dark crimson)Mourning
CosmosModestyRose (Dark pink)Thank you
CrocusYouthful gladnessRose (Peach)Enthusiasm, desire
CyclamenGood-byeRose (Pink)Perfect, you’re lovely
DaffodilUnrequited loveRose (Red)I love you
DahliaDignity, eleganceRose (White)Innocence, secrecy
DaisyInnocentRose (Wild)Simplicity
Daisy (Garden)Sentiments sharedRose (Yellow)Joy, friendship, jealousy
DandelionFaithfulness, happinessRosebuds (Red)Purity
DogwoodLove undiminishedRosebuds (White)Youth
FernMagic, fascinationRosemarySweet remembrance
Fern (Maiden hair)Secret bond of loveSageDomestic Virtue
GardeniaSecret loveSnapdragonDeception, gracious lady
GeraniumI prefer you, follySpider FlowerElope with me
Geranium (Ivy)Bridal favorSpireaVictory, conceit
GladiolusSincerityStar of BethlehemPurity
Heather (Lavender)AdmirationStatusSympathy, remembrance
Heather (White)Protection, wishes come trueStephanotisHappiness in marriage
HibiscusDelicate beautyStockLasting love
HollyDomestic happiness, festivitySunflowerAdoration
HollyhockAmbitionSweet PeasGood-bye, blissful pleasure
HoneysuckleCountry beautySweet WilliamGallantry, bravery
Hyacinth (Blue(ConstancyTansy (Wild)Declaration
Hyacinth (Purple)Please forgive meThymeActivity
Hyacinth (Red/Pink)PlayfulTiger FlowerBefriend me
Hyacinth (White)LovelinessTuberosaIllicit pleasures
IrisA message for theeTulip (Red)Believe in me
IvyWedded loveTulip (Variegated)Beautiful eyes
JasmineSocialTulip (Yellow)Hopeless love
Jonquil (daffodil)DesireVeronicaFidelity
Lady’s SlipperFlightyViolet (Blue)Watchfulness, I’ll always be true
Larkspur (Pink)FicklenessViolet (Purple)Faithfulness
LavenderDevotion, cautiousViolet (White)Let’s take a chance
Lilac (Purple)First loveViscaria (Pitch Carnation)Will you dance with me?
Lilac (White)YouthWater LilyPurity of heart
Lily (Day)CoquetryWheatFriendliness, fertility
Lily (Tiger)Wealth, prideWhite rose budAwakening love
Lily (White)Purity, virginityZinnia (Magenta)Lasting affection
Lilly of the ValleyIncreased happiness, sweetnessZinnia (Mixed)Thinking of an absent friend
Lotus FlowerRejected loveZinnia (Scarlet)Constancy
MagnoliaLove of nature, nobilityZinnia (White)Goodness
MarigoldCruelty, jealousyZinnia (Yellow)Daily remembrance


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