Jar Gift FAQ

jar gift faq
Jar Gift FAQ

Here are some of the Most commonly received questions about Jar Gifts and their presentation . . .1. How long will the Mix last?
2. Where can I get the Jars?
3. Will the mix fit in the jar?
4. What are “Toppers”?
5. What do I use for Tags?
1. How long will the Mix last?

Most mixes should be used within 3-6 months, however many have reported mixes that last up to a year without any spoilage.
To prevent meal worms in mixes containing flour, freeze your flour for 24 hours prior to creating mix with it. If a mix contains items normally refrigerated such as Parmesan cheese, then it needs to either be refrigerated or used immediately.

2. Where can I get the Jars?

We recommend regular canning jars which can be purchased at Wal-mart, Target, Your local Farmers Union/Feed Supply Store or Hardware store.

3. Will the mix fit in the jar?

Most of the Cake/Cookie/Brownie Mix recipes will fit in a Quart size jar. A Qt size jar will hold approximately 4-5 cups of “mix”, so be sure to double check the size of the recipe prior to layering your ingredients. You may need to compress layers like brown sugar to fit 5 cups. A pint size jar will hold approx 2 cups of “mix”.

4. What are “Toppers”?

Toppers are cards that fit over the tops of your bags, you can create beautiful designs, include the instructions, attach a bow, etc. Click here for more information on Toppers

Ex: jar-gift-faq

5. What do I use for Tags?

You can create tags on your computer using lovely fonts and graphics, or you can download them for free from various sites such as:

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  1. i use empty, clean instant coffe jars for mixes. before i seall the jar, i place christmas, easter, valentines, whatever printed saran wrap over the top. i love the way it pleats and fans out.

    hope this helps!


  2. i use plastic coffee creamer jars if i’m shipping the jar mix. they are light and free. they are also white.

    that makes them easy to decorate

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