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Jar Gift Ideas

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Creating beautiful gifts from the heart is fun, inexpensive and unique. Jar mixes can be created using ANY type of mix recipe, including potting mixes for the gardening enthusiast. Choose from one of hundreds of mix recipes in over 31 categories or Individual Mug Mix Recipes.



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Attach Raffia Ribbons
Add a Square of Cloth
Layer Your Ingredients
Attach Whisk/Spoons etc


There are a number of ways to decorate your Gifts in a Jar.


  • Paint a Design on your Jar before filling it.
  • Layer the ingredients in the Jar like Sand Art
  • Wrap the entire Jar in Tulle or Fabric
  • Attach a Tag using ribbons or Raffia
  • Wrap the entire Jar with Colored Cellophane or Fabric
  • Simply add a finish tag & Pretty Label
  • Place several different size mixes in a Themed gift basket
  • Purchase odd shaped jars at dollar stores & fill them
  • Attach small whisks, wooden spoons, mini garden trowel, jute, etc to spruce up your jar
  • Decoupage photos to your jar, or pieces of Tissue paper for a stained glass effect
  • Attach a cookie cutter with some ribbons or raffia
  • To create a star effect with you layers, slide a toothpick or Kebob Stick down the sides, allowing the ingredients to “Star”: See below
Before: Ordinary layers
Use Knife or Kabob Stick
Star all the way around, add fabric & tag
  • Use hot-glue to add Flowers, spice ornaments.
  • If making a jar for a grandparent, let the kids use different colors of paint and “Handprint” the jar
  • Decorate with stickers
  • Make your jar sparkle with Glitter Paints
  • Use Babyfood Jars for Dip mixes & Single serving “Mug” Mixes
  • Create a Raffia Bundle by cutting 6″ pieces, bundle the center with a twistie tie. Fluff it out a bit & attach to jar with hot glue
  • Create a Victorian “feel” to your jar by attaching dried flowers and a drapery tassel
  • Top jar with a doily & paint the lid, glue on a fabric heart, bat, christmas tree etc
  • For western theme, wrap bandana around jar & attach mini straw hat
  • Decorate jar or bottle with natural materials such as mini pine conesHow should I layer the Mixes? There is no right or wrong way to layer your jar mixes. However, to make the jar most appealing, try using various textures & contrasting colors. For instance in a Butterscotch cookie mix, place a layer of flour first, brown sugar second, nuts third , butterscotch chips fourth and so on. The variety will add appeal to your gifts and make them visually enticing.

    How to Layer Jar Mixes Successfully


  • Start with the lightest ingredients first: Flour (be sure to mix your baking soda, powder, salt if listed). This will ensure that the mix incorporates smoothly.
  • Pack down each layer firmly. I’ve used the bottom of a cup, back of a spoon, small ladle, etc to be sure each layer is packed tightly.
  • Add your nuts, raisins, chocolate pieces, candies and other larger, more coarse ingredients.
  • Items such as flour, cocoa powders, powdered milk often leave a light powdery residue on the jar. To remove this simply wipe the inside of the jar with a paper-towel before adding your next layer.

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