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Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Gift Wrapping Ideas
Here are a few of our favorite ideas for wrapping creatively.
Choose a unique container or wrapping paper
Add a delightful “finish” Gift Tag

We asked our Readers…….
What do you like to use to wrap gifts creatively, yet inexpensively?
Diane Suggested: Sunday comics pages!!!
Make baskets and the “gift bag” (basket, pencil box etc.) is part of the gift. A bit of cellophane shrink wrapping and some raffia or ribbons and you’re good to go!
Cathy Suggested: Fabric!
Use fabric. Cheap pillowcases work, as do the odd-looking ones from the old sheet sets you never use anymore, or remnants of fabric (very inexpensive at fabric stores). Plus, they can all be reused. Tape doesn’t hold them well, but a cloth ribbon (also economical and reusable) holds it together nicely. If you’re crafty, there’s no limit to your options. Choose festive and appropriate fabric. Consider adding edging, patches, buttons, draw-ties, or other adornments.
Linda B. Suggested this crafty Idea:
I bought a roll of brown postal wrapping paper (about $1.00). Carefully tore open the seams of a gift bag in the size I needed and used as template. Used acrylics to paint on free-hand snowman, (could paint on any design) . Used jute twine as handles knotted on each end. Reinforced the area of hole for twine inserts with a small piece of brown paper. I have a paper shredder and will shred all the colorful newspaper inserts and use as stuffing. ( This is a bit time consuming but inexpensive. The only thing I had to purchase was the brown paper. Brown grocery sacks would work also). Little gift tags could be quickly painted out of brown paper cut outs.
Tami Barrett Offered additional ideas for those Brown Paper Bags:
Some ideas about those brown paper back decorations:
You can usually get Kroger to give you a pack of small bags for nothing.
For decor: paint the kid’s hands and use them to make handprint animals— upside down red ones for reindeer- glue on eyes and red nose puff ball- use their thumb prints to make wreaths or trees or snowmen, etc.
Frugal Ribbons & Bows Ideas:
Cut potato chip bags in strips and use shiny side out for ribbon or decorating the packages other ways. Make bows from the strips, too.

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