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Mothers Day Ideas

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 Do you find yourself giving mom the same thing year after year? Here are several ideas for inexpensive mothers day gifts that your Mom or Wife is sure to love!

Flowers are always a beautiful gift, but often don’t last very long. To get a good deal, purchase fresh cut flowers at your local grocery store, or Walmart. Often you can get nice bouquets for under $8. View our tips for Preserving those cut bouquets & making them last.

Create a mini spa treatment basket for the special lady in your life. Include some Chocolate Milk Bath Bon Bons or perhaps some surprise Bubble bath Jars. Place the items in a small basket, add a pretty handtowel & facecloth Spa Recipes Here

Give mom the gift of your time. Pick up a few inexpensive flower bulbs and spend a morning or afternoon in the garden with her, planting them. Not only will she appreciate the beautiful flowers- but she’ll love having the time to chat with you.

Are you talented in the Handy Man department? Help mom get caught up on repairing those little things around the house. Perhaps she needs a room wallpapered or painted, maybe some nail holes patched up. Spend a couple hours providing “Handy Man” services.

Give the gift of your time with homemade Coupons- for “chore” free days, car washing services, etc. Husbands- give your wife the ultimate romantic coupon book to show her how much she means to you… View Coupons here

Does your Mom live far away? Why not create a gift she’ll cherish for years- a Video. Record the kids doing their favorite things- playing sports, dancing, singing, whatever it is that they love to do. Let each family member record a special message such as their favorite memories, what they love most about her, etc and drop the tape in the mail!

Stay in touch with Mom- if you have a cell phone plan, consider adding your mom to your plan. Most companies only charge $5 or $10 a month to add a family member.

Make a cd disc of your mom’s favorite tunes

Every watch the show Trading Spaces or While you were Out? Convince a friend or family member to take mom out to lunch or dinner, perhaps to a movie. In the meantime- make-over a room. Simply change the light fixtures, repaint, maybe add a new throw-rug. Approximate cost $100, including dinner. The look on Mom’s face when she walks in the room, Priceless.

Decorate a plant pot & give it to mom with a freshly started plant that the kids did themselves.

Create your mom’s favorite dessert & present it to her! Or, Make some “dessert of the month coupons” that she can redeem all year long.

Create a Mothers Day Tablecloth! You’ll need a nice large clean cloth tablecloth and several fabric pens. Have each family member outline their handprint and then write a special message to mom inside the handprint. The kids can add to it each year.

All grown up with kids of your own? Spend the day alone with your mom. Go for a walk, window shop, catch a bite to eat or a movie. Leave the kids at home with dad or grandpa. Reminisce about old times, enjoy the time with her.

Create a picnic lunch and visit a local park, be sure to bring the bug spray & a camera!

Husbands- create a romantic basket, add some love notes and perhaps some love oils or body paints. Show your wife how much you appreciate all that she does! recipes for oils, paints & love notes



Mothers Day Gift Ideas

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