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Gift Basket for Sports Fanatic

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Here are some fun gift basket filler ideas that are relatively inexpensive. For the sports enthusiast in your life you can add the following items . . .

Fill a basket or other unique container with:

  • sports cards
  • baseball, puck, football, basketball, softball etc
  • shoe, boot or skate laces
  • for the hockey player, add: lace tightener and some tape
  • for the baseball player, add: mineral oil, batting glove and gum
  • a sports video
  • a subscription to a sports magazine
  • a poster of their favorite player
  • for the Rock Climber, add a Chalk bag, knuckle/fingertip tape
  • Band-aids (you know you’ll need them!)

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2 thoughts on “Gift Basket for Sports Fanatic”

  1. Great List! I think gifts are given to show love and care to your dear one. The favorite thing of your dear one can be the best gift for him.One can also add online games.Last Christmas my uncle gift my younger brother a good video game from amazon, and that was the best gift my brother received last Christmas.


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