Kids Bath Set Gift Idea

Some kids practically Live in the bathtub during their childhood. Perhaps your child is one of those kids, constantly wanting to take a bath because they love to play in the water. If so, here is the perfect, inexpensive basket idea . . .

Bath set: Fill a basket or plastic pail with:

bubble bath
bath crayons (they let kids write on the tub or the wall, then they wash off)
bath toys
bath mitt or decorative face cloth
printed towel
no-tears shampoo and conditioner
Capsule Animals – these are sponge critter & shapes that are hidden in a capsule and pop out underwater- (Keep in mind these aren’t appropriate for really little ones as they could be ingested)
Plastic tea Cups/pot
Exploding Frogs Bath Buddies

You can often find “monogrammed” washcloths at dollar stores with your childs initial on them, kids LOVE them!

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