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Unemployment Survival Kit

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Unemployment Survival Kit

It’s not the end of the world! Hold your head up, keep a positive attitude and don’t give up. You will get through this. Take it a step at a time. Breathe. Losing a job may actually turn out to be an opportunity to land a better job or a new career You CAN and WILL find another job.

Payday – so you always have a paycheck

Crayon – so you can “draw” strength from the people who love you

Peppermint Patty – You are worth a “mint” to your family and friends

Highlighter – to help you zero in on your talents and “highlight” your skills and experience

Pen – to help you update and polish your resume

Fireball – to give you the extra strength to check newspaper ads, job fairs, online sites, local job service offices and employment agencies for job openings

Smile sticker – changing jobs can be a good thing

Snickers bar – Don’t let your “emotions” take over

Heart – Spend an afternoon doing something that you “love” and that gives you a sense of satisfaction

Hugs and kisses – Losing a job is never easy, I am your friend and I will
ALWAYS stand by you

Kit Kat – Now’s the time to make the most of this “break” from work

“Special” chocolate – because you’re special to me

Tea bag – so you can relax and catch up on your sleep

Flower – Take the time to “smell the roses”, kick the leaves and be good to yourself. Taking a couple of hours each day for “you time” is a valid investment in your mental and physical health

Wiggly eyes – Don’t close your eyes to any opportunity, consider the possibilities

Chocolate – Treat yourself from time to time

Stick of gum – stick with it and be patient, the position that’s just right for you will show up

Candle – to remind you there is a light at the end of the tunnel

Smarties – Believe in yourself and your choices, and enjoy your
accomplishments and relationships

Eraser – to remind you that each new day is a new beginning. Keep getting up in the morning. You will find another job. Remember, you have skills!

This could be the best thing that ever happened to you!!!

Created by Pam

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