Volunteer Guardian Ad Litem Survival Kit

Volunteer Guardian Ad Litem Survival Kit

Shared by L. Joffs

Microphone – because you have a powerful voice in a child’s life

Glasses – to remember to stay focus on the needs of each child

Wishing Star – to ensure that the court knows the child’s wishes

Life Savers – because that is what you are

Cotton Ball – to soften the falls that you may have

Rubber band – a reminder to stay flexible

Piece of rope – for when you reach the end of your rope –
this will keep you going a bit longer

Jolly Rancher – to remind you to laugh

Toothpick – a reminder to tolerate differences and pick out good qualities in others

Pencil & Paper – to write down loads of information

Paper Clip – to keep your records together

Penny – so you have the cents (sense) to know how valuable you are

Stick of Gum – to remind you to stick with it

Puzzle Piece – you are an important part of these children’s lives

Watch – to remind you that it is worth every minute being a part of the program

By L Joffs

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