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Swim Coach Survival Kit

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Swim Coach Survival Kit

Sponge – to remind you that some days your students will think you are all wet.

Marbles – to replace the ones you will loose.

Puzzle Piece – to remind you that the puzzle is not complete if one piece is missing.

Gum – to help your team stick together.

Piece of string – use when you get to the end of yours.

Rubberband – to remind you to be flexible.

Clay – to remind you you are forming young peoples lives.

Snickers Bar – to remind you that laughter can cure most anything.

Ear Plugs – for when you can’t hear yourself think.

Toothpick – to help you pick out the good qualities in your swimmers.

Band-Aid – to fix hurt feelings.

Peanuts – to remind you its ok to sometimes be a little nutty.

Sweet & Sour Candy – to help you accept and appreciate the differences in others.

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