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Teacher’s Survival Kit

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Teacher’s Survival Kit- a wonderful way to show a teacher that you care and that you understand how tough their job can be!

Download Free Printable Toppers for the Teachers Survival Kit Here

Band-Aid: For when things get a little rough.

Bath Salts: “To take you away.” You deserve a quiet break.

Crayon – to color your day bright and cheerful.

Candle – for when you are up late grading papers.

Ear Plugs – when you just can’t take anymore.

Eraser – to remind you everyone makes mistakes and they can be erased.

Hugs and Kisses – for when you need a hug.

Jewel – because you are so precious.

Lifesaver: For when you’ve had one of those days.

Marbles – to replace the ones you’ve lost.

Mint– to remind you that you are worth a “mint”.

Mounds Bar – for the mounds of confidence you give your students.

Paperclip – to hold it all together.

Peanuts: To get a little nutty.

Puzzle Piece – without you the class wouldn’t be complete.

Rubber band – to remind you to be flexible.

Shiny Penny – to remind you, each will shine in their own special way.

Sponge: To soak up the overflow, when your brain is too full.

Starburst – to give you a “burst” of energy when you need it.

Tissues – to wipe away the tears…yours and theirs.

a prayer for you to say at the start of each day

Teacher’s Prayer

Spirits, Please help me,

To strengthen their voices,

bodies and minds,

To express their feelings and

control them sometimes,

To explore what’s near

and venture afar,

But most important to love

who they are.
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