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Thank You Kit for Mom Survival Kit

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Thank You Kit for Mom Survival Kit

Created by Pam
Hugs and kisses – to thank you for loving me unconditionally, here’s
hugs and kisses for you always

Mounds Bar – To thank you for always giving “mounds” of courage,
patience, support, understanding, laughter and love

Almond Joy bar – for all the joy you have given me

Pack of seeds – to thank you for helping me grow into what I am today

A clock – thank you for always finding time for me

Smarties – to thank you for all your advice

Confetti – to celebrate you because you are the “Worlds Greatest Mom”

Battery – to thank you for all the times you never gave up, you kept
going and going

Crayons – to thank you for your sunny outlook, for brightening my
days and ALWAYS warming my heart

Candle – thank you for being my “guiding light”

Flower – a reminder of how motherhood makes you shine

Smile face sticker – to wish you happy days always

Tea Bag – so you can sit back and relax once in a while

Fireball – for times when you are burnt out

Heart – you are close in heart, not just today, but everyday

Eraser – to remind you that everyone makes mistakes. That’s okay, we learn by them

Memory game – thanks for all the good memories. I look forward to many more

Tootsie roll – to remind you to let the small stuff roll off your

Sweet and sour candy – to remind you that every child is different

Tooth – thank you for sharing your wisdom

A poem – thank you for always knowing just what to say

Pom Poms – Thank you for always being in my “cheering” section

M&M’s – You are a “Marvelous Mom”- Thank you for always giving your best, for loving me and believing in me and for always being there 365 days of the year.

A bag – to help you keep it all together

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