Sister Survival Kit

Sister Survival Kit

Tootsie Roll – For all the times we’ve let the good times “roll” .

Payday – So we will always have money to go – SHOPPING!

Gobstopper – For the “gobs” of trouble we have gotten into over the years .

Gum – To remind you that a family that “sticks” together stays together .

Mars – Through the rough times, just remember – Men are from Mars…women are from Venus .

Sweet and Sour Tarts – We are individuals and should celebrate our differences .

Popcorn – Even if we haven’t talked yet today – you have already “popped” into my thoughts .

Jolly Rancher – For the times I can’t be there with you to make you smile .

Starburst – For the times you feel like you will “burst” if you don’t share your
secret with me .

Puzzle Piece – Don’t ever forget you are an important piece of my life .

Coversation Hearts – For all of our “heartfelt” conversations .

Tissues – For all the joyful tears we’ve shared .

Peppermint Patty – Just in case I can’t be there to give you a “pat” on the back – this will have to do!

.35 cents – Incase you need to call on me for advice .

A Nail File – For all the times you smoothed things over for me – so I wouldn’t get into trouble!

Tea Bags – To get you back for all those times you “teased” me!

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