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Secretary Survival Kit

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Secretary Survival Kit

A pacifier for your “whiners”.

A spoon for those you have to “spoon feed”.

A magic wand for the miracles you’re expected to perform.

Tissues for your “cry babies”.

Jacks because you have to be a “jack” of all trades.

Starburst – Chew when you need a “burst” of energy toward the end of a really long day.

Can of Mountain Dew – Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine!

Pack of Crackers – For then next time you don’t get to take a lunch.

Paperclip – To help you hold things together at the office.

Certs – Helps you be more “assertive” when necessary.

Payday – Need I say more??

Marbles – To replace the ones you lost on the job.

Pen – This is your emergency spare since everyone is always taking yours.

Mint – Remind yourself you are worth a “mint” even if you aren’t told so very often.

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